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SBI Marketing Aptitude Questions

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 SBI and SBI marketing Aptitude Questions

1. Marketing persons need

(1) Innovative skills (Ans)

(2) Laborious attitude

(3) Fighting nature

(4) Quality of imitating others

(5) Sympathetic approach

Ans :  A marketing person should posses innovative skills in order to generate new ideas and plans to execute them to get the desired result.

2. Communication skills in the case of  a DSA means

(1) Oratory excellence

(2) Delivering long speeches

(3) Loquacious

(4) Ability to convince the customer with the right choice of words (Ans)

(5) Ability to talk very fast

Ans : A direct selling agent must have the communication skills as he has to convince the customers with the proper choice of words.

3. A 'Prospect' means

(1) A rude person

(2) A polite person

(3) A likely buyer (Ans)

(4) A religious head

(5) A team leader

Ans : A prospect is a person who can become a buyer of the product after being properly convinced.

4. Social Marketing refers to

(1) Share market prices

(2) Marketing by the entire society

(3) Internet Marketing

(4) Marketing for a  social cause (Ans)

(5) Society bye-laws

Ans : Social Marketing is done for a social concern.

 5. A 'Call' means

(1) to call out to someone

(2) a profession

(3) a speech

(4) a new product

(5) a sales person visiting likely a buyer (Ans)

Ans : In terms of marketing, when a sales person visits the likely buyer then it is termed that he is making a call.

6.  Effective selling skills depends on

(1) knowledge level of competitors

(2) information about marketing staff

(3) information regarding Share Market

(4) knowledge of related markets (Ans)

(5) information regarding political leaders

Ans : Knowledge of the related markets is the sale criteria for the effective selling skills.

7. Modern styles of marketing include ____ find the wrong answer.

(1) digital marketing

(2) tele-marketing

(3) door-to-door marketing

(4) e-mail solicitation

(5) All of these (Ans)

Ans : Modern style of marketing includes the following:

(i)  Digital Marketing

(ii)  Tele Marketing

(iii)  Door-to-Door Marketing

 (iv)  e-mail solicitation

8. A DSA means

(1) Detective Service Agency

(2) Direct Selling Agent (Ans)

(3) Direct Supplying Agent

(4) Distribution & Sales Agency

(5) Disciplined Sales Agent

Ans : A DSA is the person who sells the goods directly which is known as Direct Selling Agent.

9. Incentives are paid to sales persons

(1) for missing the targets

(2) for surpassing the targets (Ans)

(3) for identifying leads

(4) for designing products

(5) for travelling

Ans : When the sales persons attain defined targets they are paid the incentives in addition to the salaries.

10. Online Marketing is useful for

(1) selling old products

(2) sending e-mails

(3) increased products (Ans)

(4) increased job opportunities

(5) increased expenses

Ans : Online marketing helps in case of increased production of the goods as they can be marketed in the short span of time.

11. Service marketing is the same as

(1) Internet Marketing

(2) Telemarketing

(3) Internal Marketing

(4) Relationship Marketing  (Ans)

(5) Marketing done by service class employees

Ans : In relationship marketing, a good relationship is maintained between the seller and the customer by offering a good quality services.

12. 'Push' marketing style requires

(1) proper planning

(2) good pushing strength

(3) team work

(4) ability to identify the products

(5) aggressive marketing (Ans)

Ans : An aggressive marketing approach is desired to be successful in the push marketing strategy.

13. The Securities Market is governed by the rules which are framed by 

(1) IRDA

(2) SEBI (Ans)

(3) AMFI

(4) NSE

(5) BSE

Ans : SEBI governs the entire activities of security market by framing the rules and regulations.

14. Planning for Retirement Saving is a type of

(1) Banking Option

(2) Stock Market Option

(3) Branding

(4) Financial Planning  (Ans)

(5) Mutual Fund Benefit

Ans : Planning for retirement saving is a type of Financial Planning.

15. Absence of a proper Financial Planning can lead to

(1) balance investment in Mutual Funds

(2) overspending and Debt problems (Ans)

(3) inadequate exposure to share market

(4) capital gains

(5) planned Future

Ans : Overspending and Debt problems are the results of the absence of a proper financial planning.

16. One of the following is not included in the 7 P's of Marketing. Find the same.

(1) Product

(2) Price

(3) Production (Ans)

(4) Promotion

(5) People

Ans : 7 P's of Marketing are as follows:

    (i)    Product

   (ii)    Price

  (iii)    Place

   (iv)   Promotion

   (v)    People

   (vi)   Process

  (vii)   Physical Evidence

17. 'SIP' in Mutual Fund business means 

(1) Salaried Individuals and Plans

(2) Systemized Insurance Plans

(3) Systemized MF Plans

(4) Systematic Investment Plans (Ans)

(5) None of the above

Ans : SIP stands for Systematic Investment Plan.

18. Mutual Fund business from existing bank customers can be mobilized by

(1) Outdoor Marketing

(2) Telemarketing

(3) Cross-selling (Ans)

(4) Internal Marketing

(5) All of the above

Ans : Cross-selling is the process through which more than one product of the same firm can be sold out.

19. Conversion means

(1) Grouping of prospective clients

(2) Interacting with a prospective client

(3) Converting a seller to a buyer

(4) Converting a prospect into a buyer  (Ans)

(5) Converting an employer into an employee

Ans : When a prospect is converted into a buyer then this process is termed as conversion in the marketing point of view.

20. Market Segmentation means

(1) Territory allocation

(2) Market space

(3) Market place

(4) Dividing the target group as per their needs  (Ans)

(5) Sales persons' groups

Ans : Dividing the entire market into small target groups as per their needs is termed as market segmentation.

21. Marketing Opportunities means

(1) Availability of sales persons

(2) Availability of data

(3) Melas

(4) Scope for marketing  (Ans)

(5) Evaluation of performance

Ans : Marketing opportunities are the scopes for marketing.

22. Marketing Research is useful for 

(1) Deciding proper marketing strategies  (Ans)

(2) Deciding the sales persons

(3) Choosing old products

(4) Recruitment of staff

(5) Payment of bonus

Ans : If  a proper marketing strategies has to be decided then market research tool comes into the scene.

23. The main target group for SIP schemes are

(1) All HNIs

(2) All NRIs

(3) All salaried persons (Ans)

(4) All agriculturists

(5) All students

Ans : All salaried persons can be the main target group for the Systematic Investment Plan.

24. Innovation in marketing is same as 

(1) Motivation

(2) Inspiration

(3) Aspiration

(4) Creativity (Ans)

(5) Team work

Ans : Innovation in marketing mean to create or generate an idea or plan in order to have a new product or service.

25. 'Buyer Resistance' means

(1) Buyer's interest in the product being sold

(2) Buyer fighting with the seller

(3) Buyer's hesitation in buying the product (Ans)

(4) Buyer becoming a seller

(5) Buyer buying the product

Ans : When a buyer hesitates to buy the product then this is termed as buyer resistance.

26. Bulk Savings Accounts can be mobilized by means of 

(1) Door-to-door canvassing

(2) Making cold calls

(3) e-mail solicitation

(4) Contacting all employees of an institution (Ans)

(5) Writing letters

Ans : Contracting all employees of an institution can be a means of the bulk saving accounts mobilization as at one point of time & place a number of customers can be convinced by the seller.

27. Diversification in marketing means 

(1) Marketing to different countries

(2) Marketing in many companies

(3) Marketing of the same product by many, diverse persons  (Ans)

(4) Marketing of new, diverse product

(5) All of the above

Ans : When the same product is marketed by many diverse persons then it is termed as diversification in marketing.

28. One of the following is not a pre-sales activity. Find the same.

(1) Lead generation

(2) Product design

(3) Sales presentation

(4) After-sales service  (Ans)

(5) Scanning the Yellow Pages

Ans : 'After Sales Service' is the service delivered after the goods being sold out.

29. Corporate Loans are given to

(1) Individuals

(2) Blind persons

(3) Schools & Colleges

(4) Proprietary concerns

(5) Limited Companies  (Ans)

Ans : Corporate loans are handsome bulk amount given to the limited companies having the authentic credibility.

30. Financial Inclusion needs canvassing the Accounts of 

(1) Financial Institutions   (Ans)

(2) NRIs

(3) HNIs

(4) Housewives

(5) Persons from the weaker sections

Ans : Financial inclusion needs canvassing the account of financial institutions.

31. Value added sevices means

(1) Costlier products

(2) More number of products

(3) Additional services  (Ans)

(4) At par services

(5) New products

Ans : When additional services are offered along with a particular product at the same price then it is termed as Value Added Services.

32. The USP of a Current Accounts is 

(1) High minimum balance

(2) No restrictions on transactions  (Ans)

(3) No interest payable

(4) Restricted deposits

(5) Any number of accounts

Ans : The best benefit to have a current account is there is no any restriction on transactions.

33. Situation Analysis is useful for

(1) SWOT Analysis (Ans)

(2) Analysis of Sales persons performances

(3) Analysis of capital markets

(4) Staff placement

(5) Area allocation

Ans : Situation analysis is useful for SWOT analysis.


34. RTGS facility can be best canvassed among

(1) Inter-state traders  (Ans)

(2) Tailors

(3) Carpenters

(4) Politicians

(5) Film stars

Ans : Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) facility can be best canvassed among the inter state traders.

35. 'USP' of a product connotes

(1) High selling features of a product  (Ans)

(2) Drawbacks of a product

(3) New additions to a product

(4) Efficient staff

(5) Large organization

Ans : The High Selling features of a product is known as the USP of the product.

36. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is 

(1) a pre-sales activity (Ans)

(2) a tool for lead generation

(3) an on going daily activity

(4) the task of a DSA

(5) customer complaints

Ans : CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an ongoing daily activity under that relationships with customers are maintained by handling their grievances.

37. Recurring accounts can best be canvassed among

(1) farmers

(2) traders (Ans)

(3) salaried persons

(4) minors

(5) students

Ans : Recurring accounts can best be canvassed among the traders.


38. ELSS means

(1) Entry Load Shares Scheme

(2) Entry Load Starting Shares

(3) Entry Linked Savings Scheme (Ans)

(4) Equity Linked Shares Sold

(5) Employee Level Salary Scheme

Ans : ELSS Stands for Equity Linked Saving Scheme.

39. Societies and Trusts are the target groups for opening

(1) Current Accounts

(2) Saving Accounts

(3) Car Loan Accounts

(4) Corporate Loan Accounts (Ans)

(5) Education Loan Account

Ans : Societies and trusts are the target groups for opening the corporate loan accounts.

40. De-mat accounts are useful for

(1) Online trading of shares (Ans)

(2) Locker operations

(3) ATMs

(4) Quick sanction of loans

(5) Export transactions

Ans : In order to do online trading of shares one must have the Demat account.

41. Home Loans are basically

(1) short terms finance

(2) loans given to minors

(3) long term loans (Ans)

(4) loans given for boosting profits

(5) loans given more to industries

Ans : Home loans are long term loans.

42. What does the term HUF means?

(1) Hindu Undivided Family (Ans)

(2) Hindu Single Family

(3) Heavy Facilities

(4) Hindered Remittances

(5) Term is used for failed transactions

Ans : 'HUF' stands for 'Hindu Undivided Family'.

43. EMI can be a marketing tool if

(1) EMI is increasing

(2) It is very high

(3) It is very low (Ans)

(4) EMI has no impact on marketing

(5) EMI is a flat rate

Ans : Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) being low can be marketing tool.

44. Channel Finance can be considered only among

(1) Supply-chain distributors (Ans)

(2) Chain snatchers

(3) NRIs

(4) Pensioners

(5) Housewives

Ans : Channel Finance can be considered among the Supply-Chain distributors.

45. Direct Marketing is useful for

(1) Designing Products

(2) Sending e-mails

(3) Increased production

(4) Increased job opportunities

(5) None of the above (Ans)

Ans : The benefits of direct marketing are as follows:

  (i)      Flexible targeting

   (ii)    Multiple Uses

  (iii)    Cost Effectiveness

   (iv)   Ease of Management

   (v)    Rapid Delivery

46. The pricing strategy for credit cards depends on

(1) Competition

(2) Customer's income (Ans)

(3) Customer relations

(4) Customer awareness

(5) Customer usage

 Ans : On the basis of customers' income the pricing strategy is adopted.

47. Offsite Marketing means

(1) Salespersons

(2) Marketing in the Production Department

(3) ATMs

(4) Marketing inside the Branch

(5) Marketing function outside the Branch  (Ans)

Ans : Marketing Activities carried outside the branch is known as offsite marketing.

48. One of the following is not a target group for Saving Accounts

(1) Salaried persons

(2) Doctors

(3) Public servant

(4) Insurance agents

(5) Loss making companies  (Ans)

Ans : Loss marketing companies are not generating or earning any revenue then it can not be the target group for saving accounts.

49. Rural bank marketing has good scope for

(1) Industrial loans

(2) Corporate loans

(3) NRI loans

(4) Tractor loans (Ans)

(5) All of these

Ans : For the marketing of tractor loans rural bank marketing can be a good tool.

50.  ASBA accounts are a type of

(1) Loans accounts

(2) Credit card facilities

(3) Savings accounts (Ans)

(4) Export-Import remittances

(5) Internet banking

Ans : ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) is a saving account.