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SBI marketing and computer

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SBI Marketing and Computer Awareness questions and answers

1.  Marketing in Banks is required for _____

(1) Getting new customers

(2) Retaining existing customers

(3) Lending

(4) Accepting of deposits

(5) All of these  (Ans)


2. Service Marketing is the same as _____

(1) Relationship Marketing

(2) Transaction Marketing

(3) Internal Marketing

(4) All of these

(5) None of these   (Ans)


3. Market size Means ___

(1) Size of marketing staff

(2) Size of the Organization

(3) Scope for profits  (Ans)

(4) Scope for marketing

(5) None of these


4. Market share means ___

(1) Market price of shares

(2) Sensex

(3) Share market

(4) Share of business among peers    (Ans)

(5) Market volatility


5Internal Marketing means ____

(1) Selling to oneself

(2) Selling to the employees

(3) Selling of samples

(4) Selling to foreign markets

(5) None of these   (Ans)


6.  A 'Call' means ____

(1) A Profession

(2) Teletalk

(3) Calling on a Prospect   (Ans)

(4) A Call Centre

(5) All of these


7.  A 'Call Centre' is ___

(1) A Place where Salesmen meet every day

(2) A training Centre

(3) A Back Office set up where customer queries are answered   (Ans)

(4) Customers meeting place

(5) All of these


8A presentation means ___

(1) Display of products

(2) Explaining the utility of products   (Ans)

(3) A gift

(4) Display of Communication skills

(5) All of these


9.  A DSA means ____

(1) Directly Selling Authority

(2) Directly Selling Agent,

(3) Direct Selling Authority

(4) Direct Selling Agent   (Ans)

(5) Distributors & Selling Agencies


10.  'Benchmark' means _____

(1) Products lined up on a bench

(2) Salesmen sitting on a bench

(3) Set standards  (Ans)

(4) Marks on a bench

(5) None of these


11. Value - added services means ______

(1) Giving full value for money

(2) Better value for higher price

(3) Costlier service

(4) Additional service   (Ans)

(5) All the above


 12. CRM means ____

(1) Customer Relationship Management   (Ans)

(2) Customer Retention Manager

(3) Customer Relatives Meet

(4) Channel Route Market

(5) Channel Representative Manager


13. A 'Target Group' in Marketing ______

(1) To whom the sales should be directed   (Ans)

(2) A Group of Sellers

(3) A Group of Buyers

(4) A Group of Products

(5) All the above


14. The Target Group for Credit Cards is ____

(1) All Card holders

(2) All existing borrowers

(3) Individuals with taxable income

(4) All of these

(5) None of these   (Ans)


15Bancassurance means ___

(1) Assurance given by banks to Loanees

(2) Assurance to bank with one bank

(3) Assurance to repay loans

(4) Assurance to give good service

(5) Selling insurance products through banks   (Ans)


16. Cross - selling means _____

(1) Selling with a cross face

(2) Selling to Red Cross members

(3) Selling to Blue Cross members

(4) Selling across countries

(5) Selling other products to existing  customers   (Ans)


17.  ATM means _______

(1) Any Time Marketing

(2) Any Time Money

(3) Any Time Machine

(4) Automatic Teller Machine   (Ans)

(5) Automatic Teller Money


18.  Digital Marketing is ______

(1) a way of Direct Marketing

(2) a way of Indirect Marketing   (Ans)

(3) a strategy of the DSAs

(4) All of these

(5) None of these


19.  Market segmentation helps in ________

(1) Identifying the target group

(2) Focussed marketing

(3) Improved lead generation

(4) Only (1) & (2)

(5) All (1),(2) & (3)   (Ans)


20. Only one of the following is true. Find the same.

(1) Marketing is not required in a monopolistic situation

(2) Marketing is not required in Public enterprises

(3) Marketing depends on competitors performance

(4) Marketing has no role to play in production levels   (Ans)

(5) Motivated employees do not require sales incentives.


21Price is an important factor for effective marketing. What are the other Ps?

(1) Product, Promotion & Place   (Ans)

(2) Place, Persuasion & Promotion

(3) Pride, Person & Place

(4) Product, Paper & Person

(5) None of these


22. Advertisements are required for ______

(1) Boosting the production levels

(2) Motivating the employees

(3) Boosting the sales   (Ans)

(4) All of these

(5) None of these


23. Sales forecasting involves study of _____

(1) Proper selling price

(2) Sales planning

(3) Distribution outlets

(4) Consumer needs and demands

(5) All of these   (Ans)


24. Market Research is needed for _____

(1) Choosing the right sales persons

(2) Choosing the right products

(3) Marking proper marketing decisions   (Ans)

(4) Deciding the sales incentives

(5) None of these


25. Marketing is termed as successful, when _________

(1) There is a rise in the number of salesmen

(2) There is no need for post-sales service

(3) There is no need to give discounts

(4) There is rise in sales through more clients   (Ans)

(5) Marketing is an ongoing process and hence, an never be successful.


26. What happens ;when you press the Ctrl + V key?

(1) A Capital V letter is typed into your document at the cursor point

(2) The selected item is pasted from the Clipboard   (Ans)

(3) The selected item is pasted to the Clipboard

(4) The selected drawing objects are distributed vertically on he page

(5) None of these


27. Which do you press to enter the current date in a cell ?

(1) CTRL + : (semicolon)  (Ans)

(2) CTRL +  SHIFT + : (colon)

(3) CTRL +  F10

(4) CTRL +  F11

(5) None of these


28.  Which of the following describes a relational database?

(1) It provides a relationship between integers

(2) It consists of separate tables of related data   (Ans)

(3) It retrieves data related to its queries

(4) It provides a relationship between floats

(5) None of these


29. How do you print your slides in a handout that includes lines for notes?

(1) In the Print dialog box, select Handouts and set the number of slides per page to 3  (Ans)

(2) In the Print dialog box, select Handouts and a number of slides per page, then select the Include comment pages option

(3) In the Print dialog box, select Notes Pages instead of Handouts

(4) It cannot be done

(5) None of these


30.  Suppose you have columns of data that span more than one printed page. How can you automatically print the column headings on each page?

(1) Click Page Setup on the File menu, click the Sheet tab, and enter the row that contains these column headings under Print titles

(2) Click Page Setup on the File menu, click the Page tab, click the Options button, then enter your choices

(3) Click Page Setup on the File menu, click the Sheet tab, and make a selection under the Print heading

(4) Click Page Preview on the File menu, click the Sheet tab, and enter the row that contains these column headings under Print titles   (Ans)

(5) None of these


31.  The Assistant is ______

(1) an application that allows you to take notes and save them in a file

(2) an animated character that provides help and suggestions   (Ans)

(3) a button on the standard Toolbar that executes the Print command

(4) a collection of frequently misspelled words in a dictionary file

(5) None of these


32. Which of the following place the common data elements in order from smallest to largest ?

(1) Character, file, record, field, database

(2) Character, record, field, file, database

(3) Character, field, record, file, database   (Ans)

(4) Bit, byte, character, record, field, file, database

(5) None of these


33. Select the odd one out ______

(1) Interpreter

(2) Operating System  (Ans)

(3) Compiler

(4) Assembler

(5) None of these


34.  Which of these is a quick way to copy formatting from a selected cell to two other cells on the same worksheet ?

(1) Use CTRL to selected all three cells, then click the Paste Button image button on the Standard toolbar

(2) Copy the selected cell, then select the other two cells, click Style on the Format menu, then click Modify

(3) Click Format Painter Button image on the Formatting toolbar twice, then click in each cell you want to copy the formatting to   (Ans)

(4) Use Alt to select all three cells, then click the Paste Button image button on the Standard toolbar

(5) None of these


35. How do you prevent emailed word document from always opening in the Reading Layout ?

(1) From the Tools Menu > Options > General Tab > uncheck the 'Allow starting in Reading Layout'   (Ans)

(2) From the View Menu > Reading Layout > General Tab > uncheck the  'Allow starting in Reading Layout'

(3) Form the Format Menu > Auto format > Edit Tab > uncheck the 'Use with emailed attachments'

(4) All the above

(5) None of these


36. By default your document prints in __ mode.

(1) Landscape

(2) portrait   (Ans)

(3) page steup

(4) Print view

(5) None of these


37Which of the following is small single site network?

(1) LAN   (Ans)

(2) DSL

(3) PAM

(4) USB

(5) None of these


38.  How can page break be done in word?

(1) Press f1 key putting cursor on an appropriate place

(2) Press ctrl+ Enter putting cursor on an appropriate place   (Ans)

(3) Use Insert/section break

(4) Change font size of document

(5) None of these


39. What do the contents of Active cell show?

(1) Name box

(2) Reheading

(3) formula bar  (Ans)

(4) Task pen

(5) None of these


40. To search and load the saved file ____

(1) select the close command

(2) select the new command   (Ans)

(3) select the same command

(4) select open command

(5) None of the