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SBI Question-Bank previously asked questions

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SBI model aptitude questions with answers with detailed explanations

1. The average age of 20 students in a class is 20. When the age of their class teacher commuted with the total age of students, their average age, including the class teacher's raises to 21. If so, what is the age of the class teacher ?

(a) 40

(b) 36

(c) 41 (Ans)

(d) 44

Answer : Total age of 20 students = 20 * 20 = 400.

After inclusion of teacher, total age = 21 [No of members] * 21 [New average age] = 441.

Age of new entrant [teacher] = 441 - 400 = 41

 2.  Rajan travels from Kannur to Kozhikode by a car at speed of 60 Km/hour and returns back by hiring a gipsy at a speed of 50 Km/ hour.  Then what will be the average speed of his vehicles through out their to and fro journey. ?

(a) 54-6/11 km/hour  (Ans)

(b) 57 km/hour

(c) 55-6/11 Km/hour

(d) 54-5/11 Km/hour

Answer :  If 'a' & 'b' are the speed in to and fro journey of vehicles By short method formula to arrive average speed = 2ab/a+b

ie,   2*60*50 /60+50  =  6000/110 = 54-6/11


3. Mr. X complete a piece of work with in 8 hours and whereas Mr. Y complete the same piece of work in 6 hours. If both Mr. X & Y operate the same work jointly, in how may hours they complete the same work ?

(a) 7/14 Hrs

(b) 24/7 Hrs   (Ans)

(c) 5 hours

(d) Not given

Answer :  If 'x' and 'y' be the number of days required individually by two persons, then by Short method formula, the number of days required to complete the same work by joining them is =   xy    =  6*8   =   48     
                                                                x+y        6+8       14

= 24/7    [If three persons worked the short method formula becomes as          xyz        .]
                                                                                                        xy + xz + zx


4.  Raman & Krishnan will complete a job in 6 days and 12 days respectively according to their capacity. Govindan will complete the same of piece of work in a single day that which Raman & Krishnan both do in a single day. If Krishnan and Govindan wishes to complete the same work, in how many days they take to finish the work

(a) 5 days

(b) 3 days   (Ans)

(c) 4 days

(d) 4.5 days

Answer :  Here Raman and Krishnan do the work in  6*12  days ie  72  ie in 4 days
                                                                         6+12             18

It is stated that the job of Raman & Krishnan in one day is equals to Govindan's one day work. Otherwise it means that Govindan complete the assigned work in 4 days. If Krishnan & Govindan work jointly, the work will be completed in

12*4  =  48 = 3 days
12+4      16


5.  A train running in 90Km/hour, having 100 metres long, crosses a train running in another track in opposite direction with speed of 54 Km per hours having 140 metres. How many seconds will take the trains to cross each other fully ?

(a) 9 seconds

(b) 6 seconds    (Ans)

(c) 8 seconds

(d) No given

Answer :  Here we want to calculate the relative speed or velocity. Since the trains are moving in opposite directions the relative speed will arrive by summing up i.e. 90 Km hr + 54 Km/hr = ie. 144 Km/hour = 40 m/secs [to convert Km/hour to metres/seconds we want to multiply the term by 5/18.]

The total distance of crossing, [i.e. length of two trains] = 100m + 140m = 240m

The time required to cross 240m by 40m/secs speed = 240/40 = 6 seconds [Conversion of metres/seconds to KM/seconds will be arrived by multiplying by 18/5.]

SBI English previous years solved question papers

 1.  Find out which part of the sentence has an error

(a) They were traveling

(b) in the metro when they heard  (Ans)

(c) a weird sound very close to them

(d) No Error


2.  The ........... growth of the jungle hid the ancient ruins completely.

(a) thickly

(b) luxurious

(c) densely

(d) luxuriant  (Ans)


3.  It is the house ....... door is painted red.

(a) that

(b) whose  (Ans)

(c) which

(d) none of these


4.  He did time for more than six months. This sentence means ;-

(a) He fought against time until his views accepted for more than six months.

(b) He gave his service to the prisoners for more than six months.

(c) He was in prison for more than six months.  (Ans)

(d) He spent his time for recognition for more than six months.


5. Hardly ...................................

(a) I had started than it began to rain.

(b) I had started when it began to rain.

(c) had I started than it began to rain.

(d) had I started when it began to rain.  (Ans)


6.  That marriage won't last. I will give them two months ........ the outside.

(a) on

(b) at  (Ans)

(c) by

(d) over


7. I can see from your expression that you are thinking deep ......

(a) thought

(b) think

(c) thinking cap

(d) thoughts  (Ans)


Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the words


8. Decrepit

(a) lurid

(b) dangerous

(c) healthy

(d) feeble   (Ans)


9. jettison

(a) discard   (Ans)

(b) defeat

(c) deduce

(d) yield


The antonyms of the following words


10. doleful

(a) melancholy

(b) cheerful   (Ans)

(c) mournful

(d) grim


11. dovish

(a) draconian

(b) hawkish   (Ans)

(c) peevish

(d) lavish


12. The longer you keep this fruit, it will depreciate.

(a) easier

(b) much

(c) the more   (Ans)

(d) the most

SBI latest current affairs national international

1. Consider the following statements about parliamentry standing committees :
(a) Commonly known as miniparliament, these committees include numbers from all political parties and even  independent MPs.
(b) There are 31 members in each committee-21 from Lok Sabha and 10 from Rajya Sabha.
(c) The Committees monitor the functioning of all major central ministries and. departments.
Which of the above statements are true?
(1) only (a) (2) Only (b)
(3) only (c)
(4) All of the above    (Ans)


2. Consider the following statements about Lok Pal Bill:
(a) The submit their reports which are placed in both  Houses of parliament.
(b) The governmen t is not bound to accept these reports, but generally it does accept some of the suggestions.
(c) The Lokpal Bill has been reffered to the parliamentary standing committee for personel public grievances, law and justice.
(d) Headed by Rajya Sabha Congress MP, Abhishek Singhvi, it has three months to give it report.
Which of the above statements are true?
(1) only (a) and (b)
(2) Only (b) and (c)
(3) only (c) and (d)
(4) All of the above    (Ans)

3. Recently in news Teesta water deal between—
(1) India and Bangladesh    (Ans)
(2) India and Nepal *
(3) India and Pakistan
(4) India and China

4. The central government on announced a 7% hike in the dearness allowance (DA) of its employees to give them relief from the near double-digit inflation ahead of the festival season.
(1) 14 September, 2011 
(2) 15 September, 2011    (Ans)
(3) 16 September, 2011
(4) 17 September, 2011

5. Who of the following is regarded as "Father of Employment Guarantee Scheme" and a postage stamp was released on his name by the President of  India recently ?
(1) K M M a d h e w
(2) Kasu Brahmanand Reddy
(3) Daulat Singh Kothari
(4) Vitthal Sakharam Page   (Ans)