State Bank of India Placement Paper Contributed by Kiran Malhothra updated on Oct 2020
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SBI Clerk Previous Questions 2014


Hi All,


My name is kiran. I share my SBI Clerical Exam experience here.It was an online exam.The exam containing Five sections.Some asked in exam is given below.


Section A: GK Questions



1. 24th ASEAN summit venue


Answer : Nay Pyi Taw


2. A Scheme named Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls is also known as


Answer : Sabla


3. A. R. Rahman street is in which country


Answer : Canada


4. Capital of Canada  


Answer : Ottawa


5. Capital of Ethiopia


Answer : Addis Ababa 


6. Capital of Sweden


Answer : Stockholm


7. 150 km missile launched by DRDO recently 


Answer : Prithvi


8. 2015 Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting will be held in 


Answer : Malta


9. Amount provided for developing 100 samrt cities


Answer : 7060 crores


10. Amul related to which revolution


Answer : White Revolution


11. Amul set up Dairy worth 200 crore at which city


Answer : Varanasi


12. Army Flag day is observed on


Answer :  7th December 


13. Ashes trophy played between countries


Answer : Australia and England



14. Author of lowland


Answer : Jhumpa Lahari 


14. Azlan Shah who died recently is a


Answer : Hockey Player


15. Accidental prime minister written by “SANJAY BARU” and was published by 


Answer : Penguin books limited 


16. Capital of Bhutan


Answer :  Thimphu


17. Capital of Brazil


Answer : Brasilia


18. Adult literacy rate in 2011 census 


Answer :  74.04 % 


19. Best ranked IIT among BRICS top universities 2014


Answer : IIT Delhi


20. Bharatiya Mahila Bank Chairman


Answer : Usha Ananantha Subramanium


21. Capital of Argentina


Answer : Buenos Aires

22. Bharatiya Mahila Bank inaugurated by


Answer :  Manmohan Singh


23. Book “My Journey : Transforming into dreams” written by


Answer : Usha Ananantha Subramanium APJ Abdul Kalam


24. Budget in which article


Answer : Usha Ananantha SubramaniumArticle 112


25. Banks Nationalization 


Answer : 1969


26. Beiji oil refinery located in 


Answer : Iraq


27. C.Rangarajan estimation percentage of poverty line


Answer : 29.5% 


28. Camel is the official animal of which state


Answer : Rajasthan

29. Capro Group has won the International Business of the year award is owned by


Answer : Lord Swaraj Paul


30. Casual Vacancy written by


Answer : J K Rowling


31. CBS full form


Answer : Core Baking Solution


32. Chemical and fertilizer cabinet minister


Answer : Ananth Kumar


33. Chinese Currency


Answer :  Yuan


34. Commercial Paper is issued for how many days


Answer :  A minimum of 7 days and a maximum of up to one year from the date of issue


35. Commercial Papers issued in what multiples


Answer : Rs. 5 lakh or multiples thereof


36. Committee on Cauvery water dispute


Answer : B. S. Chauhan


37. One currency question like that UK


39. Next FIFA world Cup Host country


Answer : Russia


40. Capital of  Indonesia


41. Hard money


42. Reverse REPO rate


43. Home minister of India


44. International Woman’s Day


45. MB Shah Committee related about …… IPL Spot fixing


46. Rupee sign  


47. WHO head


48. Who is 14th number of PM


49. UNESCO Headquarter


50. Women Hockey World Cup winner country


51. PV Sandhu related to which field


52. Which fruit is banned in America


Answer : Mango


53. Is there any fee for lodging a complaint with the banking ombudsman


Answer :  No fee is required


54. Full form of RAM


Answer : Random Access Memory


55. World Bank President


Answer : Jim Yong


56. Who is the Lok Sabha Speaker


Answer : Sumitra Mahajan


57. Manufacturer of VELOX


Answer :  Singapore


58. Reliance produced less amount of gas resulting in government loss in which block?


Answer :  KG – D6


58. Sri Lankan cricketer who retired very recently


Answer : Mahela Jayawardane


59. Currency of Saudi Arabia


Answer : Saudi Riyal


60. Name the new Tiger reserve in Maharashtra


Answer : Bor Tiger Reserve


61. Chandi Prasad has contributed in which area


Answer : Environment


62. Which song is dedicated by Amir Khan to the  legendry cricketer Sachin Tendulkar


Answer : Dhoom Machale


63. Mascot of commonwealth games of 2014


Answer : Clyde


64. Which is the Insurance regulator


Answer : IRDA?


65. Two questions on mutual funds


66. Two questions from budget


67. World TV Day


Answer : 21st November


68. World AIDS day


Answer : 1 dec


69. Durand Cup is related to


Answer : Football


70. TARC headed by

71. Question on Asset Reconstruction Company


72. Whose sign is present 1000Rs note


Answer : RBI Governor


73. BCSBI Functions

Section B. Computer knowledge questions


1. MICR full form


Answer : Magnetic ink character recognition


2. What is artificial intelligence


3. Computer programming error


Answer : bug 


4. Two questions asked about MS word


5. 1 question from DBMS


6. 1 full form Internet section like that CSS


Answer : Cascaded Style Sheet answer


7. C developed by


Answer : Denis Richi


8. First calculating machine 


9. Binary conversion


10. Latest super computer name 


Section C. Reasoning Sections 

1. Syllogism (5 Questions)


2. Data sufficiency (Hight, direction......)


3. One very simple puzzle


4. One puzzle about …..5 people sit in line toward north & 5 people south


5. Coding & decoding


Section D. Marketing Aptitude Questions


1. Marketing Mixture


2. Outdoor marketing


3. Tele marketing


4. 80% 20% principle …… 80 work 20 staff


5. Sales


6. Marketing steps