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Sapient Whole Testpaper




1) Write a program for the problem: the array of inetegers indicating the marks of the students is given, U have to calculate the percentile of the students aaccording to this rule: the percentile of a student is the %of no of student having marks less then him. 
For eg: suppose

Student Marks
A 12
B 60
C 80
D 71
E 30
F 45

percentile of C = 5/5 *100 = 100 (out of 5 students 5 are having marks less then him)

percentile of B = 3/5*100 = 60% (out of 5, 3 have markses less then him)

percentile of A = 0/5*100 = 0%.

2) The code was given for a problem and u have to identitfy the logical error in it. That was simple. The code was to merge the Danagrams of 2 words. The danagram of a word is the letters of word arranfed in sequential order. eg danagram of abhinav is aabhinv.
merging of danamagram is to merge the danagrams of 2 or more words such that the highest no of occurance are coming for each merging of aabhinv and abbhhixz is aabbhhinvxz.

Technical interview:

discussion on the written paper. how did u solved the problem? expain him about that. small discussion on yr project for a while. simple techinal questions related to project. simple langugae question : Collections in java.. types of joins in SQL. if u want to ask something about sapient etc?

HINT: ask something good. eg kind of projecst they are doing.. processes they follow .. how do they capture the requirements .. etc..

Business Interview:

Hr inteview.. behaviorial questions.. how will u react in some conditions.. how how did u reacted..
1) give an example when yr boss is not aggreed with u. what did u do?
2) give an example when u had a clash with yr peer. what did u do?
3) give an example when u faced some ambigious situation.(when u are not understanding the things properly ) what did u do?
4) give an example when u faced some stressful situation.what did u do?
5) did u make some decision of yr own to carray out something. and suggested this to yr boss and yr boss aggreed?


what do u want to ask.

HINT : ask some good ques. like how open the envrionment is? is a junior person part of design??
what is the responsibility of a member for the proper working of project?

Busines Interview 2

This was more of type 2 only. but they will tell about sapient. and u may ask as many quest as u want. now u can again ask the same ques ased in previous 2 interviews.

  Paper submitted by Praveen.