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Sapient Selection Process

Sapient PPT

Please be sincere during PPT, You will get the answers related to questions like.

1) What do you know about Sapient?

2) Why sapient?

3) Which you might be asked in HR round. 
1Sapeint on line Written Test
2.Tehnical Round
3.HR Round

Sapient Written Test consists 4 sections

a) Quantitative aptitude -25 Questions 35 Minutes
b) Logical Reasoning - 25 Questions 35 Minutes
c) Verbal Ability-25 Questions 25 Minutes
d) Technical Questions -25 Questions 35 Minutes

Time Limit 1 and half hour
No of Questions:100

a) Quantitiative aptitude -25 Questions 35 Minutes
Areas to concentrate
General Topics of all aptitude
Questions were on Logarithmic, time and distance, pipes and Cistern, Time and Work, Boat Streams, Trains, Permutation-Combination
Average, Ratio, Equations, Simple Equations, Time and work, Pipes and cisterns, Distance,clock and Calendar ..,

b)Logical Reasoning - 25 Questions 35 Minutes
Questions were related to Blood relation, series, Directions, Sentences arrangement, Word arrangement, Statement Conclusion.

b)Verbal Ability-25 Questions 25 Minutes
Questions were related to Error finding, Synonyms and Ant synonyms, Comprehension.

d)Technical Questions -25 Questions 35 Minutes
In technical rounds they asked questions related to C, Data structure, C++, OOPs concept, Some puzzles,

Sapient Technical Interivew

1) What is virtual function?
2) What is Hash Table?
3) Difference between DBMS and RDBMS.
4)SQL rdbmsetc..,

Sapient HR Round:
In HR round, They asked the questions like

1) Tell me something about urself, your academics, your family background, your hobbies, your interest?

2) How was your technical round?

3) Why did you get fewer marks in +2 as I have just 58.77% in +2?

4) Where do you see uself after 3 years?

5) Where do you see uself after 5 years?

6) Have you ever worked in a Team?

7) What problems did you face in the team?

8) How did you solve the problems?

9) How did you manage your team? As I was the team leader.

10) How do you solve a problem?

11) Give me real life example that will show how do you solve problem?

12) Why Sapient?

13) How do you get the information related to industries?

Recently, what is happening in Industry? I said "Barak Obama is opposing the outsourcing" as one of my answer, then they asked

14) Then what should we do?