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Hi friends,I m a Computer Science student pursuing B.E. in 3rd yr. from indore. It was first time that sapient came to indore in medicaps college for campus recruitment. We were informed about this beforehand ie. a week before so we had enough time to prepare for it but tough time was there, we were not clear with its recruitment procedure as no papers of it were available on freshersworld or on any one particular site. So here i m giving you the brief summary of whatever I found regarding sapient preparation.

Let me tell u the eligibility criteria i.e. one should be graduating/post graduating in 2009 in B.E/B. Tech. (CSE, IT) with 60 % or MCA with 60%.Also you should not have any back logs at the time of writing the test.
Well beginning with the ………

Hiring Process: 
Step 1: Technical Exercise
This consists of 2 problems which can be solved using C or C++ or JAVA. Our focus will be on your problem comprehension and problem solving ability and also your coding skills. You will have one hour to complete this test, so please factor in the time constraint and plan out your approach accordingly. You will be attempting this exercise on paper (not on a computer).

Step 2: Papers are evaluated and the students short listed

Step 3: Short listed students go through a second technical exercise followed by interview at a later date.

The company will be giving a compensation of 3.5 lacs p.a. and sapient offers tremendous career growth to graduates joining us straight from campus. Its a very good company.We were given a booklet on which we had our question to be solved and also pages attached to write the coding. The paper was as given below.

1. Write appropriate comments for your code wherever required.
2. Focus on the approach & demonstrate problem comprehension & logic.
3. Assume anything required & clearly indicate your assumptions.


A organization named Simboisys(I don’t remember the exact name)…. conducts exams for student at its exam centers. The students enroll there exam date and centre from organizations website. There are three exam centers of this organization and given below are the details required of the students enrolling for the exams on the website. The students will be asked for his/her choice of exam centre in increasing order as mentioned below.

Exam Centers:-
Centre A
Centre B
Centre C

Student Attributes:-
Date of exam

First choice
Second choice
Third choice

a) Define the class/structure
b) Write a function allotexamcenter() for allotting the exam center to the enrolling student and pass Candidate[] as a parameter to the function allotexamcenter ().
public float allotexamcenter (Candidate[])

Note: Don’t write any input functions such as main() & assume that the data structures have already been defined.

Always while writing the solution in the paper mention the logic clearly before or after writing the code. Also give proper comments in the code and clearly mention the assumptions that you have taken while coding.

 I have given the first technical paper of Sapient and I m waiting for the results that will be declared after 3 weeks from date of 1st technical paper through email. Well it again totally depends on luck even though paper goes well only option left is to pray to GOD bcoz campus seletion is totally a game of luck.

Best Luck to all those aspiring for SAPIENT……..
By Chitra