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Sapient new placement paper candidate experience

Sapient new pattern placement papers AMCAT questions, Technical Hr interview questions asked in different campuses all over India. One student contribute his experience sapient this years recruitment, Sapient new campus recruitment procedure consists Sapient on line tests conducted amcat, sapient technical and hr interview.

My name is Harimurali Here Im sharing my experience in sapient. Sapient new placement papers questions I did not find any reliable papers of this years only sapient previous years question papers, before attending interview so I share this paper for you friends

Sapient First section was on line Test 
The test was amcat test which consists aptitude, english, reasoning questions and programming language questions such as C,C++ basic concepts etc..,
For cracking sapient aptitude test refer learn study and practice sapient previous years solved question papers, placement papers experiences ,and try to take free on line mock tests. Practice important aptitude topics

Sapient next round was domain round and puzzles questions

1) Tell me about yourself?

2) about your projects

3) What is the difference between C and C++?

in this round some puzzle questions asked 

* You are given a match-box and two candles of equal size, which can burn 1 hour each. You have to measure 90 minutes with these candles. (There is no scale or clock). How do you do?

** You have 8 balls which are identical (completely). You are given a weighing scale. How many times would you measure to get the odd ball out?

*** Three friends rent a room for Rs.30 by paying Rs.10 each. The owner decides to give them a discount Rs.5 and gives it to the broker. The broker who a cunning man takes Rs.2. and returns one rupee to each of them. So the sum paid by each person would be Rs.9 which adds upto Rs.27 and the broker took Rs.2 ,so the total is Rs.29 where did that Re.1 go?

4) What is the difference between for and while loop?

5) Write a program to add two numbers without using + operator.

6) How to you reverse a string without using any looping and inbuilt functions?

7) How many queues will you use to implement a priority queue?

8) Which data structure would you use to implement an heterogeneous array?

some questions I forgot these are only questions remembered in sapient interview. These are all round procedure of sapient campus placement of this years Bit tough to clear aptitude and interview thorough your projects, programming languages etc...,