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Sapient Aptitude

Sapient has a very lenghty process for campussing. It has 3 steps:

1. Online Aptitude
2. Tech/Domain interview
3. HR interview
1) Online Aptitude.
 It contained four sections.
* English
* Quantitative Aptitude
* Technical Aptitude
* Logical Ability (Reasoning)
2) Tech interview.
They asked questions mainly from Data Structure and C++. They were simple like Sorting(algo+program),Linked List, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, factorial.
They also gave some puzzles like Tower of Hanoi, 8 Queen problem, no of squares. It was about an hour long interview. They rate every student out of 10 with overall cut-off 7 and cut-offs in both sections.
It was quite easy and they were very friendly.
HR interview:
It was very easy.they asked questions like
* What will you do if you get stuck in some program?
* My partner and I were given a task. we both did it in different processes. What will I do then to solve the problem?
* How do I update myself?
* They also asked about projects and VTs.
* They even asked to solve some reasoning questions like Complete dearrangement, no of squares.
They mainly want to see your approach to a problem and your willingness to learn.
I got the job.
Hope my experience will help you to get a job too.