SAP Labs India Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Seetharam updated on Sep 2021
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SAP Whole-Testpaper

                                                   SAP Placement Paper


1) What is meant by Database view?

2) What is the difference between Truncate and Round?

3) Explain database schema ?

4) Explain bug life-cycle ?

5) Hans is standing behind Gerry and Gerry is standing behind Hans. How is this possible at the same time?

6) 361-->22, 121-->14, 81-->12, 25-->......?
a) 8,

b) 10,

c) 24,


7) How do you test a stapler?

8) A website content is changing dynamically. How do you test this website?

9) 7 people are traveling in a bus. Each of them has 7 bags. Each bag contains 7 cats. Each cat has 7 small cats. How many legs were traveling in the bus?
a) 10990,

b) 1376,

c) 1342,

d) 60

10) The unix server got hanged-up abruptly. How do you shutdown the server?
a) kill -9,

b) kill -9 PID,

c) init

d) init 6