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SAP Whole Testpaper

                                                   SAP Interview Pattern

Hi I am JAMEER PATAN from Andra Pradesh. I had selected for SAP LABS ear White Field.This is my 43rd company .Now i want to share my feeling with u all now i am explaining about sap.

Pattern: 30 questions time:1 hour subjects:basic aptitude,c,dbms 25 were objective remaining with no options

1.about rain problem in a tour ans:18 days
2.odd man out: ans:d
3.a car travels at a certain distance and came back similar to a infosys puzzle ans:45kmph
4.a clock 6 times per min how many times it strikes 12 sec ans:66 sec one lakh can be represented with out using zeros
6.c question ans:mmmm
7.printf("%d",3.14*6.25*6.25).......question regarding to macros c question ans is 5 prints infinite times
9.normalization this is one of ans for dbms question
10.more than one attributes this is one of ans for dbms question
11. 2 degree is ans for aptitude bit
12.353 is one of the answer for aptitude bit
13.0 is one of aptitude bit answer sorry friends i remem this questions only bcoz i am from ece background so i dont know dbms all questions from dbms were select * from users.................. ectc for cse students it is very easier to crack the cut of is nearly 18 marks .with in 45 minutes they declared the result .....i am one of the person who cleared the written.....i didnt feel happy bcoz this is my 35th written clearing

Technical Interview:
They focus on project,c,sqll,puzzles..............if u prepare infosys puzzles they u can answers any puzzless in c they asked to swap two numbers with out using third variable,reverse of a string using pointers,small small programs aked they asked project deeply in dbms they asked normalization,foreign keys etc ,basics in cpp then they declared the result with in 20 min i.e i cleared technical this time also i didnt happy bcoz this is my 18 technical interview clearance

They told abt job profile i.e it is a contract basis for one year and asked some basic hr ques like tell me abt urself,strengths,weakness...........

I joined sap . now i am in sap for one year i advice u not to loose hope if we lost one thing means there is another thing waiting for whis is better than lost one so be confident,do hard work,pray god there will be definitely one day for every person so hope for urs day.