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SAIL Whole-Testpaper

SAIL MT EXAM 23rd MARCH 2014 - SAIL Question and answers
Technical Section


Operation reasearch and industrial engineering (asked the most by sail)


- queuing theory kendall's notation
- computer integrated manufacturing comprises of?
- dummy activity used for?
- slack time
- crashing theory
- eoq level if demand doubled and order cost halved
- at break even sales= total cost
- p/v ratio
- abc analysis
- transportation problem
- reorder level
- arrival is poisson distribution in queuing theory
- normal time calculation from allowances and standard time
- value analysis
- full form of fms
- for scheduling of jobs- gantt chart
- ratio of average processing time/number of jobs
- mean absolute deviation used for forecast error
- correlation used in?
- quantitative and qualitative techniques in delphi etc
- some unknown manufacturing termed questions :p


Ic engines


- osha technique of oxygen content as hazardous and safety

Theory of machines

- kinematic pair is having relative motion
- spiral gears- non parallel non intersecting
- transmissbility ratio  when frequency ratio is 0.5
- in roller cam..follower oscillates in which direction?
- degree of freedom of a vibrating beam
- number of nodes if a shaft is having two rotors at its ends
- position of centre of gravity in a cone from its base



- carnot engine depends on temperature limits only
- steady flow reversible adiabatic process is




- shaft hole basis system
- autocollimator is used for?
- what is perisitic error
- friction welding is a solid state process
- gas tungsten uses non consumable electrodes
- acetlene used 10 lites..what is amout of oxygen used
- which metal adding to iron improves casting?
- cast iron is brittle in nature


Heat mass transfer


- weins displacement relation
- plank's law si unit


- kaplan turbine is axial flow
- which of the following is dangerous for a ship? Rolling ,pitching, waving, yatching
- printer ink is thixotropic fluid
- bouyancy can be found by archimedes principle
- hydraulic ram used for?
- for orifice of sharp edges the coefficient of velocity reduces to ?
- for high head impulse turbine is used


Strength of materials

- radial force acting on the inner surface of a thick cylinder subjected to internal pressure p?
- d is the displacement of a simply supported beam..if the load is doubled,,then displacement is?
- impact factor is twice the gradual load factor
- loading to be done at what distance in a circular bar in order to attain no tension
- what causes to fail material before yeild point? Creep, straining,tempering ?
- tool materials and machines must be of what nature? Elastic,plastic, ductile or malleable

Non technical : 

General knowledge


- nobel prizes 2012
- wildlife sancuaries
- chairperson of rajya sabha
- raman magasyase award related to ?
- amartya sen awarded with?
- inventor of dynamite
- inventor of electric generator
- a buddhist temple of mp
- a xyz book on freedom written by a freedom fighter?
- a xyz book related to kashmir written by?
- folk dance of kerela
- bharatnatyam oroginated in which state?
- first indian woman to win olympics medal
- first chief justice of india
- united nations organisation foundation year
- bharatpur national park
- an xyz is satellite of which planet?
- milky way is spiral shaped



- fill in the blanks
- articles- a an the
- prepositions
- synonyms
- an easy lengthy passage but easy questions

Reasoning and aptitude

- man days questions

- a is twice efficient as b, find days taken by b alone?

- a and b take 20 days.. B and c take 30 days.. B alone takes 10 days.. How many days will a and c          take? (around 3-4 questions)

- 2 men 4 women complete in 10 days.. 3 men 5 women complete in 8 days..days taken by 6 men and 6    women?

- 8 pen 6 pencils 3 erasers worth rs 44,,10 pen 8 pencils 4 rubber cost rs 54.. 2 pen 2 pencils 2 rubbers    will cost?

- tank filling by pipes questions   (around 3-4 questions)

- simple intrest and compound intrest questions   (around 2-3 ques)


10% students pass in maths..20% in english.. 35% in both..10% fail in both..
- Find total students in class
- Find students passed in either p(aub)= p(a) + p(b) - p(ab)(around 3-4 questions)

- profit loss..

Cp=340 loss 5%...find the sp to gain 10%     (around 2-3 questions)

9 boys a to h... B is left of a.. D & f are adjacent to e..etc etc..
-Find the middle boy
-Find the extreme ended boys
-Who is two left to c?


-blood relations questions


Salary (a+b)= salary (c+d)
Salary (a+c)> salary (b+d)
-Who has maximum salary?
-Who has the least?


2 given statements..
I & ii
Conclusion: .....

1- i alone can conclude
2- ii alone can conclude
3- both can conclude
4- none can conclude   (around 4-5 questions)

- height questions

- speed distance questions (train & platform)



All the best