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SAIL Technical Questions



Total Questions: 75 Time allotted 90 minutes 

1. The set of all integers x such that |x – 3| < 2 is equal to 
(a) {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} 
(b) {1, 2, 3, 4}
(c) {2, 3, 4} 
(d) {-4, -3, -2} 

2. The Range of the function f(x) = x-2/2-xis
(a) R 
(b) R – {1} 
(c) (-1) 
(d) R – {-1}

3. The value of (i)i
(a) ω 
(b) ω
(c) e-π/2
(d) 2√2
4 (cosθ+isinθ)4/(icosθ-icosθ)5is equal to
b.cons 9θ-isin9θ
c.sinθ - isconsθ
d.sin 9θ-isco 9θ

5. The roots of the quadratic equation ax bx c 0+ += will be reciprocal to each other if
(a) a = 1/c 
(b) a = c 
(c) b = ac 
(d) a = b

6. If α, β are the roots of ax 2bx c 0−+=0 then α β+αβ+αβ is
7. The sixth term of a HP is 1/61 and the 10 th term is 1/105. The first term of the H.P. is
(a) 1/39 
(b) 1/28
(c) 1/17 
(d) 1/6 
8. Let Sn denote the sum of first n terms of an A.P.. If S2n = 3S n then the ratio S s equal to
(a) 4 (
b) 6
(c) 8 
(d) 10
9. Solution of |3 – x| = x – 3 is 
(a) x < 3 
(b) x > 3
(c) x >
(d) x < 3 

10. If the product of n positive numbers in 1, then their sum is 
(a) a positive integer 
(b) divisible by n
(c) equal to 

11. A lady gives a dinner party to six quests. The number of ways in which they may be selected from among ten friends, if two of the friends will not attend the party together is 
(a) 112 
(b) 140
(c) 164 
(d) None of these

12. For 1 ≤ r ≤ n, the value of nCr+n-1Cr+n-2Cr+ -----rCr is

13 What is the main different between distribution transformer and power transformer?

14Where manning formula used

15 What is the difference between item category and material type ?

16 A square wave is applied to primary of a transformer then what will be output

17 bform of secondary ?
18 what are the warehouse research? and process of warehouse research?

19 What is the rating of HT SUBSTATION and LT SUBSTATION?

20 Which of the following rivers does not form any delta T ITS MOUTH? Cauvery,

21Mahanadi, Godawari, Tapti

22 How much is the minimum marks for CIVIL judge interview in MPPSC. where i can

23 ET rules in this regard documented?

24 what are the uses of graphite electrode in various field.

25 What is the use of "fg" command ?

26 what are %TYPE and %ROWTYPE? what is the difference?

27where does a body have least weight?

28. What is the millman's theorem?

29. What happens if a dc motor is fed an ac signal?

30. Calculate electron mobility.

31. Power MOSFET is voltage controlled or current controlled?

32 If you want a 640 k RAM, what specification should u specify in the drive?

33 max efficiency of a class a amplifier?
34 .what r resistors in IC made of?

35. 6 girls and 6 bois sitting randomly in a line. what probability of girls being together?

36 .what is the prob. of two friends having birthdays in same month?

37. (D^2 + 4)y= kx what if PI?

38. lim x-infinity sinx/x

39 Express x/(x+1) as taylor's series

40Principle of jet engine

41. Why hydraulic systems used in a aircrafts instead of electrical?
42. Steel + ? = corrosion-resistant material?

43 What happens to speed of em wave as frequency increases?

44. Which char. of em wave does not change when it travels from one medium to another?

45 Circuit given. find attenuation in db.

46 Circuit given. how much feedback?

44. (s-1)/(s+1) is high pass filter/ low pass filter?

45. Fastest logic family among rtl, dtl, ttl?

46. In common emitter config. change in iC on changing vBE?

47. What happens if gate voltage of an ON scr is decreased?
48 Fermi level change with temperature in n type semiconductor?

49 Mosfet has threshold voltage 1v when n+ polysilicon is used in gate. what is threshold voltage when polysilicon used is of n+ type?

27. Simple ckts using zener diode.

28. What is the p+ substrate in an isolated pn junction ic connected to?

29. Opamp circuit given. open loop gain=100. closed loop gain=?

30. Which type of parameters( h/y/z) suitable in particular application?

31. Given parallel LC ckt. find angle between currents in branches at resonance.

32. What is Q of series RLC ckt? (voltage gain/ admttance etc.)

33. Resonant freq of parallel RLC ckt. ?

34. Thin metal foil inserted between capacitor plates. foil connected to one plate. change in capacitance?
35. Ques on reflection of em wave at air= dielectric interface. dlc const=9

36. What is brewster's angle?

37. Why microwave freq not used for ionospheric propagation?

38. uhf range?
39. Freq range used in satellite communication?

40. Which ionosphere bands used for commercial purposes?

41. Question on transmission line impedance matching?

42. flip- flop d, t 43. convert 32 k pulses to 1 hz pulses using decade counters etc