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Hai friends,

I have attanded SAIL MT Exam, which was on 15 th July 2012.


1) A Signal Input to the Control system from feedback which affect the output of Control System is called?

 a) feedback signal

 b) Stimulas

 c) Input Signal

 d) option i forgot


2) Breaking of DC serise motor can be done bye

 a) reversing field only

 b)reversing armeture only

 c) by reversing field and armeture

 d) non


3) Sheath is used in cable for ?

 a) prevent moisture

 b) insulator 

 c) prevent leakage

 d) strength


4) Armouring is done on Cable for?

 a) machinical support

 b) to prevent leakage and fault

 c) moisture

 d) option i forget


Current Affairs


1) Sarad Powar launched 2012 as the year of

 a) Agriculture

 b) Horticulture

 c) Pisiculture

 d) non