SAIL General-Awareness Placement Paper |   13770

SAIL General-Awareness Placement Paper

SAIL-Steel Authority of India Limited MT -SAIL MT 2014 General Awareness question paper (held on 23rd march 2014) questions with answers

Folowing are the questions asked ..


1. First Indian women athlete to win an Olympic medal
2. GANYMEDE is a satellite of which planet
3. Which award is conferred with Amartya Sen
4. Karl Benz invented : Gasoline Powered Automobile
5. UNO came into existence in which year
6. The author of CRICKET MY STYLE
7. Inventor of Electric Generator
8. Bharatnatyam originated from which state
9. NAMDAPH wild life sanctuary is in which state
10.Nobel prize of Literature(2012) was given to
11.Bandipur National Park is located in
12.Chairperson of Rajya Sabha
13.Which of these dance originated from Kerala
14.Characteristic of out milky way
15.Padampur monestry is located in which state
16.Who appoints the Attorney General of India
17.Which country is known as ‘Land of Thousand lakes’
18.Book written by Ernest Hemmingway
19.Author of ‘A Voice for freedom’
20.Inventor of Dynamite
21.Who was the first chief justice of India
22.Author of ‘My frozen turbulence in Kashmir’
23.Ramon Magsaysay award is given in which field
24.Who won the Ramon Magsaysay award in 2012
25.In which year, Nelson Mandela was honored with Nobel Peace prize

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