SAILnew Question papers of Electronics-Communication-Engineering-ECE |   28121

SAILnew Question papers of Electronics-Communication-Engineering-ECE

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SAIL 2013 ECE -electrical engineering Questions SAIL new placement papers of Technical Examinations


SAIL 2013 Technical written test examinations placement papers questions shared by Anupam in Delhi These are some of the questions asked in Sail recruitment examintions

1.Which of the following have least noise margin - CMOS,TTL,ETL,TTL

2.Which of the following has least propogation delay? - TTL,CMOS etc

3.choose the correct one - options are like - ECL-low prop delay,low o/p swing,faster,high power 

4.why fanout of cmos is freq dependent?

5. how to interface a TTL to a CMOS?

6. The thenenin eq cricuit of the follwing is?

7. Kirchoff's II law based on ?

8. Ohm's law is not applicable to?

9. Element used in heater is made up of?

10. No. of e- flowing in 1 sec for a current of 1 A is ?

11. Superpostion principle depends on ? - Duality

12. In case of Max power transfer , max power tranfereed to load is ? % of supplied power?

13. voltage dependent resistor used in ? - Current stabilizer