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SAIL-Steel Authority of India Limited Mangement Trainee Entrance exam -SAIL MT 2014 General Awareness placement paper (held on 23rd march 2014)- Non technical questions

General Knowledge : 


1.bharatnatyam- tamil nadu originated in kerela : mohinattam

3.a voice of freedom-nayantara sehgal

4.dynamite-alfred nobel

5.amrtya sen-nobel economics prize

6.frozen kashmir book- jagmohan malhotra

7.farewell to arms- ernest hemingway

8.ramom magasasay award for-human service

9.magasasay 2012- k francis

10.milky way-spiral





15.nelson mandela nobel peace prize in: 1993

16.first women india olympics award-karnam malleshwari

17.2012 nobel literature- mo yan my style-kapil dev of thousand lakes-finland

20.attornry general-president

21.rajya sabha chairman- vice president

22.karl benz- gas powered automobile

23.electric generator-faraday

24.first chief justice : kania

25.padmapur, a famous buddhist site is in which state? ans- odisha


General English:

1,2,3,4,5.:  synonyms of penchant,enjoined,implicate,includes,estimate....liking,urged,falsely accuse,consists of,approximate

6.on friday in the morning

7.treachery of kauravs shud be a means to an end

9-15. fill in d blanks on prepositions & articles

16-25->passage on diabetes

16.insulin secreted by? pancreas

17.why shud v visit doctor?

18.resistance to insulin? diabetes?

20.diabetes in children?

21.instance meaning? example/case-study

22.alleviate antonym? aggravate

23-25. other passage qs.



1-3 puzzle on arrangement A to I

1.4th left of H? D two ends? A & I


4-6 puzzle on salary

4.max. salary? B

5.least salary?

6.salary of B?

7.blood relation qs 1? sister

8.blood relation qs 2? grand-daughter

9-14. venn diagram type questions ? marathi-hindi,cricket-football,newpaper-TV news,3 variable,civics-sanskrit,etc.

15-20data sufficiency qs.? rank of M,siblings,height of students,etc.

21,22.another puzzle test

23-25.other reasoning questions.


Quantitative Aptitude

1.which is better stock investment? 13%

2.retail discount? 25%

3.qs. on average

4.third proportional of 9/15

5.find train length? 330m

6.rate of interest on stock purchase? earning from stock?

8,9.two qs. on stocks?

10.cost of 5 pens & 5 pencils?

11.A is twice efficient as B.find time for B alone?

12.time & work qs. on men & women?

13.time & work qs. on A,B,C? 24 days

14.pipes & cisterns qs? 9 min.

15,16.other pipes & cisterns qs?

17,18.profit & loss % qs.?

19,20,21.SI,CI & Investment qs.?

22.qs. on 3 numbers? 36,x,y..

23.qs. on 3 nos. wd squares?

24.population increase%?

25.length of pole shadow?


[Gk was moderate.. :) the quantitative part was very calculation-intensive.. english was OK.. & reasoning was lengthy.. :P :O]


SAIL Mangement Trainee Entrance exam 2014 Mechanical Technical questions

Fluid Mechanics :

1.Buoyant force detrmind by? archimedes' principle drop in laminar flow varies as? velocity

3.kaplan turbine? axial flow

4.printer's ink? thixotropic

5.impulse turbine for? high head

6.Cv for sharp edged orifice? 0.98

7.hydraulic ram is used for?

8.momentum correction factor? beta

9.pressure on runner blades in reaction turbine? >atm. press.


Heat Transfer:

10.unit of stefan-boltzmann constant? w/m^2K^4 per wein's law, wavelength varies as? 1/T

12.thermal diffusivity varies as? k


Thermodynamics :

13.kelvin-planck statement deals with conservation of ? conversion of heat into work

14.ratio of rms to mean speed of gas molecules? done for closed syytem max. in? isobaric

16.efficiency of carnot cycle depends on? max. & min. temps.

17.thermal engines convert? heat into mechanical energy

18.qstn on concept of entropy?

19.steady flow reversible adiabatic process?


Industrial Engineering:

20.which is not correct about Periodic Reordering System? it requires cont. monitoring of inventory levels

21.P/V ratio? transportation problem,how is an unacceptable route is handled? by carrying high cost

23.salary of employees is? fixed cost

24.value analysis is done when?

25.assembly line qs.?

26.if rating factor=120%,obs. tym=30 sec. dn & allowances=15%, normal tym=? 36 sec.

27.ABC analysis,full form? Always Better Control

28.which statement is correct? qualit. technqs for long range & quant. technqs for short range

29.critical path has? longest duration

30.reorder point numerical?

31.exponential method qs.? beak even point? total revenue=total cost

33.for random arrivals in queuing system,distribution used is? poisson

34.which is qualt. method of forecasting? delphi

35.gantt. chart qs.?

36.if critical path=20 months,stndrd devn=4 months,dn prob. of completion wdn 24 months is? 84.2%

37.qs. on product development

38.measure of forecast error? MAD kendall's notation,1st position is? prob. of law of arrivals CPM,project duration cn be reduced by crashing? one or more critical activities only..

41.if demand is doubled & ordering cost is halved, dn EOQ? unchanged


Industrial Safety : per OSHA,oxygen deficient atm. is having? <19.5% oxygen per OSHA,fire hazard is possible when oxygen level is? >23.5% (not sure) per OSHA,personal protective equipment is req. for which level? A/B/C/D per OSHA,carbon dioxide conc. is air shud not be more than? per OSHA,lead conc. shud not be more than? per OSHA,asbestos conc. shud not be more than?


Manufacturing : 

48.last step in CAD is?

49.CIM involves?

50.machining centre is?

51.tym req. for fetching & execution of 1 simple instruction is? CPU cycle

52-54.CNC/DNC qs?

55.T-slot machining steps?

56.drilling qs.? EBM, vaccum=10^-5 torr.

58.which welding uses non-consumable electrode? TIG gas welding by neutral flame,if acetylene consumed=10litres, dn oxygen consumed? =10litres

60.casting ability of aluminium increased by adding? silicon

61.tool for EDM? copper

62.which is correct? diamond is not used for machining steel

63.half nut is used in lathe for? thread cutting

64.grinding machine qs.?

65.which is solid state joining? friction welding

66.gear manufacturing qs.?

67.HSS tool qs.?


Material Science : used in tools & machines? elasticity

69.cast iron is a? brittle material


Strength of Materials :

70.if deflection of cantilever is d, and width is halved, dn deflection is? 4d

71.poisson's ratio numerical?

72.modulus of rigidity numerical? failure theory for ductile material? distortion energy theory thick cylinders, with internal pressure p,radial force acting varies as?

75.stress due to suddenly applied load as compared to gradually applied load? twice


Theory of Machines : radial cam,follower moves how?

77.gear used for non-parallel & non-intersecting shafts? spiral gear of nodes formed when shaft carries 2 rotors at end? 1

79.if w/wn=0.5, dn TR=? 4/3 transverse vibrn,factor multiplied for considrn of inertia? 33/140(not sure)

81.max. unbalanced force to be safe shud be? across 45 degree or 90 degree

82.kinematic pair is? which permits relative motion

83.a vibrating beam has DOF? 2(RK JAIN)

84.if aeroplane engine is in clockwise dirn,and plane turns left? nose is raised & tail is dipped

85.which is more dangerous for ship in sea? pitching(RK JAIN)


Machine Design :

86.material fails below yield point due to? fatigue

87.max. power transmitted by belt when? T=3Tc

88.max. efficiency of screw jack? 1-sin@/1+sin@ heavy duty bearings,material used is? white metal(babbit)


Engineering Mechanics

90.centre of gravity of solid cone? 1/4th from base

91.for banked roads,banking angle varies as?

92.friction angle is? angle between N & R


Power Plant : OCGT,regrtn results in? increase in efficiency sodium-graphite reactor, which is true?


Metrology :

95.basic shaft is? upper devtn=0

96.purpose of ratchet in micrometer screw gauge is? maintain uniform press.

97.cork is an insulator bcoz? it is porous

98.parasitic errors due to? improper measurement collimator is used for? flatness & small angular differences.. (answr given as angular diffrnc in RK JAIN.. :P :D)

100.profile of gear tooth can be checked by? optical projector


[imp. note : industrial & production was full IES+GATE, questions. of other topics are mainly from rk jain+ies+gate.. :) :D ]


Best of luck.. :)