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RRB latest Question Papers with answer

RRB solved Question papers-SIG/ESM Paper

RRB lReasoning Questions

1Meal :Menu:: Library :…………

2. Medicine : sickness ::  ……..:Unknowingness

3.Which of the following disease is not a water borne?
4.Which one of the following is the purest form of carbon?a)coal of wood


5. In a code DUPLICATE is written as MRVFJFVBE,how will CARTOUCHE be written in the same way ?

Directions :(Qns-6-10 ) eight friends J,K,L,M,O,P and Q are sitting in a circle and facing towards the centre. J is not the neighbor of N,L, is at third place from K in right side; Q is at the second place from N in the left side which is adjoining right of L; O is not the neighbor of N, but located at the extreme left of P Read the question and answer the following questions

6 In which of the following groups , the first person is sitting between the rest of the two persons?

7. Who os at the extreme right of K?
a) J-ans  b) P c)Q d) Cannot be determined

8.Which of the following pairs is the neighbor of O?
a)L & N   b) P & K   c)M & P -ans d)N & P

9.Which is at the extreme left of N ?
a)P  b)L-ans   c)Q   d)J

10. Which of the following is the correct place of L?
a)At the extreme right of N
b)At the extreme right of Q-ans
c)At the extreme left of J
d)At the extreme left of Q

11. How many meaningful words can be formed,out of four letters A,C,E and R. While one letter is taken only once in each formulation?
a)None   b)One  c)Two   d)Three-ans

12.Two same magnetic poles …….one another
a)Repeal-ans  b)Attract c)Unaffected  d)None of these

13.the product of two successive numbers is 8556.  What would be the small number?
a)89   b)94   c)30  d)92-ans

14.What least number should be added to 4321 to make it a permanent square ?
a)32   b)34   c)35-ans  d)38

15.Find the average of the set of the following numbers.
a)399-ans   b)428   c)407  d)415

16After 3 years what would be the simple interest of Rs.5760 at the annual interest of 6%?
a)Rs.1036.80-ans  b)Rs.1666.80  c)Rs.1336.80  d)1063.80

17.what is the boiling point of mercury ?
a)100degreeC  b)174   c)257 -ans  d)357

18UHF dispalys the band
a)3MHz to 30 MHz
b) 30MHz to 300 MHz
c) 300MHz to 3000 MHz-ans
d) 3000MHz to 30000MHz

19Electronvolt is the unit of
a)Charge  b)Momentum  c)Energy-ans  d)Potential

20When  a sound waves moves,it transports
a)Mass   b)Sound  c)Energy-ans  d)All of the above

21 What will be value of 0.1*0.1*0.01*0.01?
a)0.1000  b)0.0001  c)0.00001-ans  d)1.0000

22. which of the following is not a chemical change?
a)Rusting of iron
b)Conversion of water into steam-ans
c)Conversion of milk in to curd
d)Burning of coal

23.Find the out the value of X

a)100degree  b)120 degree -ans c)140 degree  d)160 degree

24.Find out the total number of squares

 a)12   b)14-ans   c)16   d)18

25 For total internal reflection, the value of angle of incidence should be
a)Equal to critical angle
b)Less than critical angle
c)Larger  than critical angle-ans
d)None of these

26 Focal length of a convex lens is 25 cm, its power,in diopter, will be
a)+1/4   b)-4   c)-1/4  d)+4-ans

27 What is the colour of filaments of an electric bulb when its temperature is highest
a)Red   b)White-ans  c)Orange  d)Yellow

28 In vaccum,which of the following properties of x rays,light waves and radio waves will be similar
a)Wavelength  b)Frequency  c)Amplitude  d)Speed-ans

29 Number of electron in 1 colomb charge will ne
a)6.25*10 18-ans  b) 6.25*10 16  c) 6.25*10 17  d) 6.25*10 15

30 The digit of unit place of the number 17 1999+11 1999-7 1999 is
a)7-ans   b)1   c)5   d)3

31 A pressure cooker reduces cooking time because
a)Heat is more evenly distributed
b)The high pressure tenderizes the food
c)Boiling point of the water inside the cooker is increased-ans
d)All the above

32 The temperature coefficient of resistence is negative in case of the following
a)Bothe insculator and electrolytes
d)electrolytes and Semiconductors-ans

33 Which one of the following statement is NOT correct ?
a)CFC are synthetic chemical
b)Large ozone hole has been notices over the South pole
c)Large ozone hole has been noticed over the North Pole-ans
d) Chlorofluorocarbons are broken down is lower atmosphere by intense ultraviolet radiations

34 Current in the oceans are a result of
a) The movement of the Labrador wind
b) Salinity difference from place to place
c) Temparature difference-ans
d) D)The motion of the gulf stream

35 The  only language which a computer cannot understand is
a)machine language
b)High level language
c)Assembly language
d)Human language-ans

36 The AGC voltage in a radio receiver is proportional to
a)The amount of modulation
b)The amplitude of audio signal
c)The amplitude of the I.F carrier-ans
d)None of the above

37.The transformer through which the output of an audio amplifier is fed to a loudspeaker is meant for
a)Impedance  matching-ans
b)Voltage am plication
c)Resistance matching
d)Current am plication

38. In a digital computer, an index register is used for
a)Counting number of times a program is executed
b)Performing arithmetic and logic operations
c)address modification purpose-ans
d) Temporary storage of result

39 A micro program  is a
a) Program for microcomputer
b) Program written in assembly language
c) Program written in high level language
d) Sequencing program for the control unit of any processor-ans

40 The output  of a diode detector contains
a)Modulating signal-ans
c) R.F.Ripple
d) All the above

41.when a positive gate voltage is applied to MOSFET, it is said to be
a)Enhancement mode-ans
b)Depletion mode
c)Conduction mode
d)None of the above

42 A major advantage of an emitter follower is that is provides
a)Maximum gain-ans
b0Maximum efficiency
c)maximum output impedance
d) Minimum distortion

43 The advantage of self-correcting code is that
a)It is weighted code
b)It has even parity
c)It is easy to decode electronically-ans
d)all the above

44 a six bit alpha numeric code is able to code
a)36 chracter
b)48 character
c) 64 character-ans
d)128 character

45 For emitter coupled logic, the switching speed is very high because
a) The transistors are not saturated when conducting-ans
b) Negative logic is used
c) Emitter coupled transistor are used
d) Multi emitter transistors are used

46 which of the following circuits exhibits memory?
a)NAND gate
b)Ex. Gate
c)a stable multivibrator
d)Bi stable multivibrator-ans

47.Modem is a
a) Code changing system
b) Programe conversion
c)Modulator- demoductor system-ans
d)Demodulator-modulator system

48.Waveguides and NOT used for frequencies below
a)1GHz -ans  b)10GHz  c)100GHz  d)500 GHz

49 The number 149 in octal code will be
a)154   b)178   d)254   d)225-ans

50 what is the function of a feeler guage?
a)To check screw pitch
b)To check the surface roughness
c) To check thickness of clearness
d)To check radius-ans