RPSC Whole-Testpaper |   545

RPSC Whole-Testpaper

Rajasthan Admin Services (RAS/RTS) Pre Examination Solved Previous Year General Knowledge(GK) and General Science Question Paper

1. Collection of preserved plant specimens:
A. Harbarium
B. Sanatorium
C. Planetarium
D. Sabhaghar
Ans: A

2. Which one is known as "Flame of the Forest" is:
A. Butea monosperma
B. Bauhinia variegata
C. Jacaranda mimosifolia
D. Tectona grandis
Ans: A Butea monosperma(PALAS)

3. Which of following is Mammals:
A. Sharka
B. Skiwd
C. Octopus
D. Wheal
Ans: D

4. Ozon Layer save earth from:
Ans: Dangerous Rays from Sun

5. Raman effect is used in:
A. Sun Glasses
B. Space ships
C. Atom Bomb
D. Intelligence devices
Ans: A

6. On July 2010, Which vehicle of ISRO launches 5 Satellite:
Ans: B

7. Highest cattle fair is held in Rajasthan's district:
Ans: Nagaur

8. Which one is wrong:
A. Western rajasthan mostly have salty water lakes
B. Sambhar lake is biggest Salty water lake of India
C. Nakki Lake is deepest lake of Rajasthan
D. Rajsamand Lake is situated 64 km from Udaipur in Udaipur dist..
Ans: D

9. Mewanagar is known for:
A. Parshwanath Jain Temple
D. Dry Fruits
C. For Jeera Production
D. Handicrafts
Ans: A

10. Ganga Canel was constructed in year:
A. 1930
B. 1927
C. 1944
D. 1921
Ans: B

11. New Industrial and Investment Policy 2012 have:
Ans: Non promotions of PPP

12. RIICO recently sighn MOU with which Japani Company:
A. JetrO
B. Hetro
C. Honda Ceol
D. Mitsubhishi
Ans: D

13. 600 Acre land alloted to which car manufacturing company in Khuskhera, Bhiwani:
A. Ford
B. Toyata
C. Honda Ceol
D. Wolkswagon
Ans: C

14. 14 NELB, 1JV, 2 Nomination Blocks are related to:
A. Zypsum
B. Gold
C. Petrol
C. Lignite
Ans: C

15. Rajasthan Govt and railway introduced which tourist train on 11 Jan. 2012:
A. Princely Rajasthan on wheel
B. Royal rajputana on wheel
C. Great Rajputana on wheel
D. Royal Rajasthan on wheel
Ans: D

16. "CHAPPANIYA KA KAL" held in year:
A. 1899-1900
B. 1905-1906
C. 19561958
C. 1888-1889
Ans: A

17. 70 Degree East longitude passes through:
A. Jodhpur
B. Jaisalmer
C. Dholpur
D. Nagaur
Ans: Jaisalmer

18. District spread in North-South Direction is:
A. Jhalawar
B. Bhilwara
C. Chittorgarh
D. Jhunjhunu
Ans: C

19. "CHAPPAN BESIN" is situated at:
A. Alwar
B. Banswara
C. Pali
D. Tonk
Ans: B

20. Desert is spread in Rajastha's total area of:
A. More than 60%
B. Less than 305
C. 40%
D. 50%
Ans: A

21. Minimu air Pressure during May Month is at:
A. Bundi
B. Baran
C. Jaisalmer
D. Rajsamand

22. Famous English Historian during 19th century who wrote about Rajasthan is:
A. Col. James Tod
B. LP Tesitori
C. Jorge Greyrsan
D. Jon Thomas
Ans: A

23. Who repaired the Achalgarh fort::
A, Ratan singh
B. Sanga
C. Kumbha
D. Rajsingh
Ans: C

24. Rajasthan's Historian who is also socialite:
A. Mankaran sharda
B. Harbilas Sharda
C. CK Walteyar
D. Jamanalal Bajaj
Ans: B

25. Which Folk deity has Longest Song:
A. Jeen mata
B. Aae mata
C. Mallinath Ji
D. Ramdev Ji

26. Which King of Rajasthan contributed for Banaras Hindu Universtiy:
A. Fateh singh
B. Ummed singh
C. Mansingh -II
D. Ganga singh
Ans: D

27. RAPRAMUKH of rajasthan on 25 march 1948 was appointed:
A. Dholpur king
B. Karauli King
C. Kota King
D. Sirohi King

28. First Corporate Samiti in 1905 in rajasthan was formed at:
A. Bhinai, Ajmer
B. Jawala, Nagaur
C, Gulabpura, Bhilwara
D. Bassi, Jaipur
Ans: A

29. As per 2003 records, District with Highest Density and Animals is:
A. 144, Dungarpur
B. 150 Barmer
C. 160, Bikaner
D. 165, Bharatpur
Ans: A

30. National Ayourvedic Institute is situated at:
A, Jaipur
B, Jodhpur
C. Udaipur
D. Kota
Ans: A

31. Dhaman, Karad and Anjan is:
A. type of sheep
B. Singer of Gawari dance
C. Type of grass
D. Type of seeds
Ans: C

32. Bank of Rajasthan was merged into:
Ans: B

33. Kehrani of Bhiwari was in news because of:
A. Scent Gobin Glass factory
B. Divya Pharmesy
C. Toyota Motors
D. Honda Ceol
Ans: A

34. Which country has highest loan from world bank after India:
A. South Africa
B. Brazil
C. Iran
D. Maxico
Ans: D

35. CM of Karnataka is:
A. BS Yedurappa
B. SM Krishna
D. Devegoda
D. Rohiyah
Ans: A

37. During 2010, Naga students protest which state is highest affected:
A. Nagaland
B. Manipur
C. Arunachal Pradesh
D. Mijoram
Ans: B

38. Who is secretary of Ministeries:
A. JK Pillai
B. Chandrashekar
C. T Shrinivasan
D. Madhukar Gupta

39. Who appointed Jharkhand CM in sept. 2010
A. Shibu Soren
B. Arjun Munda
C. Subodh kant sahay
D. Madhu koda
Ans: B

40. Who is chaiman of CII
A. Rahul Bajaj
B, M Dalmiya
C. Hari Bhartiya
D. Sunil Mittal
Ans: C

41. MNC Posco want to invest Rs. 52000 Crore in:
A. Chhattisgarh
B. Jharkhand
C. West bengal
D. Orrisa
Ans: D

42. G8 Muskoka is related to:
A. International Terrorism
B. Maternal and Child health
C. International Clash
D. Greenhouse gases
Ans; B

43. ST category belongs to:
A. Hindu
B. No limited to religions
C. Hindu and Christians
D. Hindu and Muslims
Ans: C

44. Writer of "One night @ Call center":
A. Anurag mathur
B. Vikram seth
C. Lahidi
D. Chetan Bhagat
Ans: D

45. Maradona belongs to:
A. Argentina
B. Brazil
C. Spain
D. Italy
Ans: A

46. PM of UK is:
A. Tony Bleyar
B. Gardon brown
C. David camron
D. David Miliband
Ans: C

47. President of Iran is:
A. M Khomeni
B. E Mousavi
C. M. Ahmedenejad
D. S. Chisti
Ans: C

48. Which country is not part of SAARC:
A. Afganistan
B. Bhutan
C. Maldiv
D. Mayanmar
Ans: d

49. Headquarter of CAIRN energy is situated at:
A. Scotland
B. South Coria
C. Brazil
Ans: A

50. "Graveyard of dinosaurs" is:
A. China
B. Montana
C. Argentina
D. Brazil
Ans: B