RPSC Paper |   926

RPSC Paper

Rajasthan Admin Services (RAS/RTS) Pre Examination Solved General Knowledge and General Science Question Paper

1.Fourth buddhist council held in Kashmir under emperor:
A. Ashoka
B. Kala Ashok
C. Kanishka
D. Ajatshatru
Ans: C

2. Which place is situated between valley of Ghagghar and its tributaries:
A. Aalamgirpur
B. Lothal
C. Mohan Jodaro
D. Banawali
Ans: D

3. During Mourya period the Tax on Land was collected by officer:
A. Agronomai
B. Shulka-adhyaksha
C. Sita- Adhyaksha
D. Aka-Adhyaksha
Ans: C

4. During Gupta Period, Gujarat, Bengal, Deccan and Tamil is center of:
A. Cloth Production
B. Jewellary
C. Handicrafts
D. Afeef cultivation
Ans: A

5. During Sangam period Kon, Ko and Mannan is synonyms of:
A. Prime Minister
B. Finance Minister
C. Army Chief
D. King
Ans: D

6. "Ashta Diggaj" name is used for king:
A. Shivaji
B. Krishna dev rai
C. Rajendra -I
D. Yashovardhan
Ans: B

7. First Murti-Pooja(idol worship) in India was done for:
A. Brahma
B. Vishnu
C. Buddha
D. Shiv
Ans: C

8. Write of Book "Kitab-Ul-Hind" is:
A. Hasan Nizami
B. Minhas us siraj
C. Albaruni
D. Shams-A-Siraj afif
Ans: C

9. During Akbar period Land revenue system "Ain-A-Dahsala" was developed by"
A. Shahnawaj Khan
B. Abdul rahim Khankhana
C. Todarmal
D. Mullah Do Pyaja
Ans: C

10. "God know only good things of Human not his Caste, In next world there will not be any caste" This belongs to which scent:
A, Ramanand
B. Dadu
C. Nanak
D. Ramanuj
Ans: C

11.First three Universities (Kolkata, Mumbai, Madras) was etablished in year:
A. 1857
B. 1881
C. 1885
D. 1905
Ans: A

12. 1924 Congress adhiveshan was held under chairmanship of Mahatma Gandhi at:
A. Gaya
B. Amritsar
C. Belgaon
D. Kanpur
Ans: A

13. On 14th July 1942, "BHARAT CHODO ANDOLAN" was passed at:
A. Bombay
B. Vardha
C. Lucknow
D. Tripura
Ans: A

14. 19th century's main Parsi Socialite is:
A. Jamshed Ji
B. Rustam Bahramji
C. Nawaji Tata
D. Bahramji M Mallbari

15. Find the Unmatched from following:
A. Mahi Bajaj sagar - Gujarat and Rajasthan
B. Chambal Pariyojna - Rajasthan and MP
C. Vyas Pariyojna - Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana
D. Indira Gandhi Canal - Rajasthan and Punjab
Ans: D

16. Chota Nagpur plateau is known for:
A. Skilled workers
B. Minerals
C. Hydraulic Power
D. Fertile Soil
Ans: B

17. State with Highest Minerals exploration is:
A. Karnataka
B. Kerala
C. Maharashtra
D. Tamilnadu

18. Tamilnadu-Andhrapradesh coastal area is known as:
A. Coromandel
B. Malabar
C. Konkan
D. North Sarkar
Ans: A

19. Rain during winter in Tamilnadu is because of:
A. Western Vikshob
B. South-West Mansoon
C. North-East Mansoon
D. South-East Mansoon
Ans: C

20. Maximum area of Manipur is:
A. Plain
B. Hill
C. plateau
D. Marsh (DALDAL)
Ans: B

21. Western Himalay is known for:
A. Forest
B. Metalic Minerals
C. Non-Metalic Minerals
D. Atomic Minerals
Ans: A

22. Kapili River is tributary of Following river:
A. Gnga
B. Gandak
C. Kosi
D. Brahmputra
Ans: D

23. Khari River is part of which River system:
A. Arab Sagar
B. Internal
C. None
D. Bay of Bengal
Ans: A

24. Sariska and Ranthambore is reserved for which animal:
A. Lion
B. Deer
C. Bear
D. Tiger
Ans: D

25. Which is newest Biosphere reserve of India:
A. Nokrek
B. Dehang Debang
C. Simpilipal
D. Cold Desert
Ans: C

26. Which of following is Not union territory:
A. Tripura
B. Daman and Deu
C. Lakshyadweep
D. Pudducherry
Ans: A

27. Kerala is known in world for:
A. Rubber
B. Sugarcane
D. Rice
Ans: C

28. National park known for Rhino(GENDA):
A. Kaziranga
B. Gir
C. Ranthambore
D. Carbet
Ans: A

29. Mixed Agriculture is:
A. Growing different crops
B. Rabi and Khareef Crops at same time
C. Various Crops with Animal
D. Crops and Vegetables both at same time

30. "MOKA" coffee is produced by:
A. Iraq
B. Brazil
C. Argentina
D. Yaman
Ans: D

31. Which region is known for its Metals in South America:
A. Plateau of Brazil
B. Boliviya Plateau
C. Pentagonia Plateau
D. Oriniko Besin
Ans: A

32. Celebes sea is situated at:
A. Central America
B. South-East Asia
C. Arctic Sea
D. North Sea
Ans: B

33. "KALI MANTAN" is part of:
A. Honsu
B. Borniyo
C. Kyuba
D. Medagaskar
Ans: B

34. Baku is known for which Mineral::
A. Gold
B. Iron
C. Crude Oil
D. Zinc
Ans: C

35. Chilli is know for Mineral:
A. Gold
B. Manganese
C. Nitrate
D. Crude Oil
Ans: C

36. Which statement is correct:
A. India is situated on Western Hemisphere
B. Caspian Sea is Open sea
C. Rajasthan is situated in Cold desert region
D. North and South Poles are opposite poles
Ans: D

37. Indian Rupees Policy decision is taken by:
Ans: RBI

38. India Import which agri product:
A. Pulses
B. Coffee
C. Sugar
D. Food Oil
Ans: D

39. Which One is different:
Ans: C

40. ICE float over water because of:
Ans: Low density from Water

41. Microscore uses which lens:
Ans: Convex

42. First Organic compound Produced in Laboratory was:
A. Citric Acid
B. Ackzelic Acid
C. Nitric Acid
D. Urea
Ans: D

43. Which is organic Acid:
A. Citric Acid
B. Sulfuric Acid
C. Nitric Acid
D. Sulfuric Acid
Ans: A

44. Petrol Contains:
A. Carbon+ Udajan

45. Carrier of parasite plasmodium:
A. Fly
B. Mosquito
D. Air
Ans: B

46. Color of leave is green because:
Ans: It reflect Green color and absorb other colors

47. Making of Curd from Milk is because of:
A. Virus
B. Bacteria
C. Prozoa
D. Other
Ans: B

48. H5N1 influenza is:
A. Goat flu
B. Bird Flu
C. Horse Flu
D. Cow Flu
Ans: B

49. Baby Blue Syndrome is because of:
A. Phasphate
B. Sulphate
C. Carbonate
D. Nitrate
Ans: D

50. Plant on Rocks are called:
Ans: D