Robert Bosch Technical-Electronics |   19898

Robert Bosch Technical-Electronics

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I'm very happy to post you my experience in Robert Bosch Joint campus recruitment held today

The paper which attended is my core (ECE).

Here I have discussed about my experience and I hope it will be help for you
Round 1: The Round consists of 3 parts and total 60 questions
Part 1: Technical (1-35)
Part 2: Numerical(36-47)
Part 3: General English(48-60)
For right answers 2 marks and for wrong answers -0.5 marks

Part 1: Technical
Questions from subjects like Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Computer Networks, Circuit Analysis, Linear Integrated Circuits were covered in the Question paper. 

All the questions are basic electronics.....

Give importance to:
Digital: Logic diagrams, Basic gates, TTL logic levels, K map and memory units Microprocessor: assembly language programming, instruction sets, architecture
Networks: RIP, BGP, TCP, OSPF, IGMP and so on

Circuit analysis: Impedence measurement, Mesh Analysis, Power, and so on

LIC: working 0f OPAMPs

Part 2: Numerical
Aptitude questions from
Time and distance
profit and loss(discount and profit problems)area, volume(given the sides of the Equilateral triangle and square in terms of x. the perimeter is same calculate x.. like that, then the side of a square is increased by 5 then what is the new that)

Part 3: General English
Data insufficient type questions
Arrange the jumbled sentences
Error detection the given sentence

I have attended Robert Bosch today and hoping for good results.......

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