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Robert-Bosch Interview Procedure


Dear all
I have attended the Robert Bosch I applied though the Id That was Given in our group only. 
I have given the pattern and some questions that I remember.

There were 75 questions.. total Duration 1 hour 20 mins..
1-50 Questions are Technical and in that some 10-15 are Aptitute. it's very easy.
51-75 are Test of English Language..
From 1-50 for Correct answer 2 marks for wrong answer -1 mark..
From 51-75 for correct answer 1 mark for wrong answer -1/4 mark..

Technical questions and some aptitute:

Totally there are some 35-40 Technical questions and 10-15 questions from Aptitute.. 
In Technical Questions they r asked about the following topics..
1. 7-10 questions from C (Like What's the output?)
3. Data Structures some 6-7 questions
4. Networks
5. Operating Systems
6. Some 2-3 questions from Computer architecture

In data Structures they have given a tabular of 4 columns and they have asked like which is NOTCORRECT and which CORRECT.

I have given only the questions that I remember only.
1. The Question was Related to the Computer Architecture. They asked some thing about that..
1.harvard config
2.Van neuman..-2. base 16 is ans. hexadecimal
3. addition of 2 binary nos . and convert it to decimal..
4.structure is 1.can point any other structure except themselves..
2. cannot point any other structure except themselves
3.can point themselves and other structures.
5.wht is j after execution
int i[0]=1;i[1]=5;*p=I;
j= *p + 1+ (*p++);

6.For 1 parameter to b used as another r function wht to do??
1.declare as global 2.pass parameters 3.either 1 r 2. 4.niether 1 nor 2

7.Wht is a string??
1. array of characters without /0;
2. array of characters ending with /0;

8.DMA 1. data transfer increase the speed of peripherals

9. In Ethernet every system is called as.
1.client 2.server 3.node 4.system

10.In Ethernet the technique used for transfer data is..

11. The Technique used for data transfer in TCP/IP config is..
1.Socket 2.Stream 3..

12. The Error Control and flow control is used in the following OSI Layer..
1.Transport layer 2.Data link layer 3.physical layer 4..

13.76F base 16 + 76F base 16 (Like this model) what's the Equivalent of this?

14. The technique which is used to model the database into tables..
1.Data model 2.DBMS 3.DML 4..

15. The question related to RDBMS ..answer is RDBMS

16. some binary number's r given like 100101+10023 the they asked about the Hex Equivalent?

17.. 49 base 10 + 49 base 10 then they asked about the Binary equivalent of this?

18. The longest side of the Equilateral triangle is..'s hypotenuse's opposite side 3..
Then there r few more questions on the basics of mathematics..
Sorry I didn't remember the rest of the questions...please forgive me for that..

There were totally 25 questions..
I. Fill in the blanks type question they given a full paragraph..(5 questions)
II. 2 Questions like u have to fill the correct tense

1.Even the roses ________ weathered are .. some thing like that
III. some 5 Pro-verb questions ..

1. don't look __________a gifted horse .
a. Within the mouth c. in the month d..

Questions like this was given..
IV.. Meaning of the Given Verb... some 5 questions was there..
1. go wrong----
a. wrong b. fail c. go.. d..
2. go forward---
a. obey the law b. follow the law c.go law d. some thing was given

Some 5 questions like that..

Finally there are some questions in which is like fill in the blanks questions..

Like you have to choose the correct option from the given.. the options are like 2.on 3.within 4.for like this..

This is the pattern and questions that i remember..