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Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Interview Experience




This is Abhishek Kachhwal, I attended Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions interview on 12 october 2014 (Test) and 14-15 October 2014(Interview) which was conducted by Careernet consultancy Bangalore, and successfully cleared the interview process and now working there. I am sharing my experience with you fellow aspirants … All the best .


The job profile was for Associate Software Engineer (Electronics R&D). Branches permitted were E&C and Electrical (related). For CS guys there was a different drive. Percentage criteria is 70.00% and above in 10th , 12th and 2014 batch. 900-1000 students attended the drive (atleast). Out of which 81 cleared the test and 20 cleared the final round of interview. The interviewers were bosch employees.


a) Rounds: 1


Technical and aptitude test (35 and 25 questions with negative marking and also there was individual cut-off for each section).


b) Two rounds of Technical interviews (2+1 interviewer in each round)


c) One round HR


I want to say that yes there is tough competition for electronics Jobs.It is not an IT job so do not expect that level. Brace Yourself. I am sharing the question paper for Electronics related field (same for electrical ,I think not sure) (80%note+20%memory based).


1. Test paper


There were questions related to these sections, prepare these one.

  1. Input Impedance of transistors

  2. drift velocity

  3. Reactance

  4. RMS values calculations

  5. Op-amp classifications (types).

  6. Voltage regulations circuit

  7. Demux related switch

  8. Dual Slope Anlaog to digital converter

  9. Coil Series Input Impedance

  10. Electical circuit- Power calculation a circuit (numerical)

  11. Contol System - Signal Flow Graph

  12. Signal and Systems - Ramp Signal,feedback system

  13. Analog circuits- Common Emitter Gain bandwidth Product

  14. Source Follower with FET- voltage Gain

  15. RAM ROM related - Microcontroller with memory buffer

  16. Flip Flop (must know)

  17. Ripple factor of J-K flip flop

  18. 8085 counter program

  19. Memory by data bus related questions

  20. Buad rate

  21. Time shared operating system

  22. Time slicing

  23. Free() function usage

  24. Obers Mall model ( I don’t have any idea what it was and is)

  25. Logic gate characteristic equation simplification

  26. Aptitide Queations(quantitative+English +Logical)

Please note that there was different cut off for both sections so prepare technical topics as well. This is what is noted down and remember now.Out of 900 -1000 student 81 students cleared the test. Coming to technical interviews, there were 2 technical interviews, so cover your topics well .


2. Interview experience


a) Technical interview:


My first interview was of 2 hours 10 minutes and 2nd interview was around 1 hour 15 minutes .They covered everything that was on the resume .Every word ,every technology mentioned in resume thoroughly. You must not mention anything that you think that you can be trapped into.


i. Technical Interview1 : There were two interviewer.


Project , training, workshop : explanation and everything that comes under this area. So cover these things properly . If you think that they can shift to a topic related to your project and training topics and prepare them , because they will definitely do so. Do not utter a single word that you do not well. These topics were covered in my interview and questions were related to them - Project- in detail – every block , every component , cross questions like why you use only this type of component.


You must know what tha component is doing in your circuit . They can realte any topic to that. From this we came to related topics Communication systems digital and analog communication :

Types, wave graph ,equation , Txr and Rxr circuit , from here they entered into op-amp linear integrated circuit because TXr and Rxr circuit contains op-amp. LIC- op-amp, types of configuration and circuit related questions, different types of circuit with op-amp etc. Voltage to frequency amplifier, freq to voltage amp ,logarithmic amplifier Filters: low pass filter high pass, band pass filter circuit and working.


From LIC we entered into Basic circuit theory: RC and LC, and RLC circuits, rectifiers. From there its time for Digital electronics : started from basic gates truth table , Universal gates , why they called so ,design OR, AND,NOT gate using Universal gates Combinational and Sequential circuits: difference, half adder full adder using NAND gate only Multiplexer, decoder: working and some questions about difference between Design a counter that count 1,3 ,5,9 random digits Design a shift resistor and a number a given and to change this number into another one using this. Why do we need asynchronous system. What is debouncing in keypad Microcontrollers: memory : stack , banks, Program to change memory location of a byte. Program to check a switch and perform an action according to it.


Analog Circuits : BJT and MOSFET application and key factor to decide it. Swithing and amplification purpose circuit.


I was not confident in this topic so I requested them to change the subject. They smiled and asked me why 80% ECE students hate Analog Circuits??


Contol System : Basic questions from Signal and systems- Fourier tansformation


C Programming : Different type of variables?


a) Int, char, double , float size and range .

b) we use double?

c) Storage classes:

d) Difference between main memory , stack ,heap , register memory ?

e) 2 tricky logics to write.

   1. String reassembling

   2. Counting the number of numbers that have occurred more than 3 times in a array DBMS:

f) Normalization process, two queries, deadlock : why it arises, solution to avoid it and remove it.


MATLAB : Basic , fourier transformation , So basically they will ask everything from your project , training , everything that these contains (circuits, implementation ) , they will shift to each and every topic that you mention in your explanation so carefully choose your language.


ii. Technical Interview 2 : 1 interviewer and 1 hour


Some of the topic were common in this one .But he wanted to know that how I implemented my final year project . Also have questions from circuit interfacing , programming, problems faced and their solutions.Time to frequency spectrum conversion Covered: digital electronics , analog communication ,analog circuits, siganal and systems some tricky question about daily electrical and electronics appliances etc. Some questions are :

  1. Direction of Ceiling ad Table fan rotation ?

  2. Why ceiling and table fan have opposite direction ?

  3. Working of wire extender ?

  4. Phase power supply ?

  5. How Bluetooth works?

  6. USB working?

  7. QR code working?

b) HR interview  


This is just formality document verification.You won’t notice how time fly during interview .


And finally, I am a Boschler , a magnificent company to start a career and grow with it, don’t miss the chance.If you have any doubts contact""


Happy to help........