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Robert Bosch 2013-2014 Selection procedure, Placement paper questions with answers, Technical aptitude on line test pattern. Robert bosh Electronics communication engineering students candidates experiences


Robert Bosch -Placement Paper-Technical plus aptitude one line test procedure in off and on campus recruitment process 


Robert Bosch  Round 1: Technical + Aptitude (ONLINE TEST)

Technical section had 35 questions from Basic Electronics and C. Rest 25 questions from Quantitative aptitude, Logical reasoning, Comprehension and Basic English. Around 250 students had appeared for the online test. 97 students were short listed for the interview.

Robert Bosch  Round 2: Technical interview

* Asked me to introduce myself. 

* Asked in detail about my role model. 

* Asked me about the projects undertaken.

* Technical specifications of accelerometer. 

* Assembly code to move a block of data into another. 

* 8051 Assembly code to add two numbers.

* Explain the circuit and working of a decoder.

* Gave me a circuit and asked me to find out V and I at various points.

* Explain KVL and KCL with physical significance.

* Explain pull-up and pull-down with respect to Micro-controllers.

* Explain Noise Margin with suitable diagrams.

* Explain the advantages of CMOS compared to TTL. 

* Why CMOS consumes less power compared to TTL. 

Around 29 students cleared the technical interview and were given HR forms. 

Robert Bosch  Round 3: HR interview

* He introduced himself for a minute.

* Asked me introduce myself.

* Asked me my 10th, 12th marks and CET rank. 

* Asked me the family background.

* Asked me about my daily routine.

* Asked me if I had any hobbies or interests.

* Asked me if I had offers in any other company.

* Asked me why I preferred Bosch to other company.

* Why should I hire you? 

* Why Bosch and not any other company?

* The last question was "Any questions?" :P 

CAUTION!!! "There will be eliminations in the HR interview too even though one might feel that it was a mere formality". 

The result was announced 3 days later. I was happy to find that I was one among the 21 students (17 from ECE, 3 from EEE and 1 from CS) selected for Robert Bosch.

Robert Bosch  some suggestions for preparation:

* Refer different aptitude preparation sites   to prepare for Aptitude reasoning verbal section.

* A basic knowledge of Digital Electronics, Analog, Control Systems, Mp and Mc specifications and Communication is more than enough to clear technical section.

* A thorough preparation on projects (Every inch) is required. 

* Speak confidently without any fear or hesitation with the interviewer. 

* Have an eye to eye contact with the interviewer.

* An internship anywhere will be an added advantage.

* Highlight the non-technical areas of interest and hobbies too. 

* Never Never admit anything about higher studies at any point.

* Good knowledge about automobiles will be a mammoth advantage.

* Know about the company, its HQ, CEO and its significant products.