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Robert-Bosch Placement Experience In BIT

Robert Bosch Campus Off and On Campus recruitment procedure in BIT Banglore institute of technology 17th September for 2014 Batch Robert Bosch Placement procedure for 2 days


Robert Bosch 2014 Placement Paper Questions and Technical HR Interview questions

Company : Robert Bosch

College : Banglore institute of technology

Eligibility : 70% with no history of backs

Package : 3.65lpa

Batch : 2014

Branch : Electronics

Status : Placed

Bosch visited BIT on 17th sep, the placement process was conducted for 2 days. 

Robert Bosch  Day 1: Pre placement talk and online test 

The online test comprised of aptitude, english and technical. 

Negative marking of 0.25 was there.

There were 60 questions & time given was 60 min. 

Apti consisted of quant and reasoning. More topics from averages, time, speed & work, ages, blood relations. RS Agarwal is more than sufficient for this. 

English was comparatively easier, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension etc. 

Technical was from basic electronics and a bit of c. 

The questions were from transistors, diode circuits, opamp, logic design, control systems, microcontrollers and microprocessors.

Few Questions I remembered

1) efficiency of half wave rectifier?

2)que on stability, damping in cs

3)on chip memory of mp or mc

4)a simple logic diagram & o/p was asked decimal

5)conversion of binary no to decimalhar

6)que on transistor characteristics

7)an opamp circuit was given & asked to identify

Robert Bosch Day 2: Technical & HR

Technical round differs from one person to another. 

Main subjects to be revised are micro controllers, microprocessors, control systems, logic design, basic electronics, aec, c & c++. 

My hr asked me more questions on micro controllers, luckily I had studied that well. 

All basic que like architecture, interrupts, vector table, serial communication, memory specifications.

In logic designing, she asked me to design a ring counter. Flip flops and counter designing is important in LD.

In CS, difference b/w open loop & closed loop systems.

Then, I was asked a few application based questions like design a buzzer system, traffic lights etc

Then a few puzzles,

As I told I was good in C programming, she asked me to rate myself on c for a scale of 10. 

Some simple c programs like fibonacci nos, prime no. 

Few concepts about recursion, storage classes, passing parameters, pre & post increment operation etc

I was asked about the project mentioned in my resume, it was not that great but I managed to blabber something about it.

I was given an application form to fill and sent to the HR round. Technical round took about 45 min & hr was just 5 min.

HR round was quite simple. 
The hr was very friendly. 
He asked me usual que like tell me about yourself, family background, why bosch, why engineering, why should I hire you and hobbies. 
Be confident in whatever you tell, be humble.

The results were announced after 2 days & I got placed. If the company is written in your destiny then you'll surely get it. 
Just work a bit on your technical skills. 
Hope this experience of mine will help you a bit. ALL THE BEST