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Resume Mistakes-Resume Mistakes

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ONE - Misspellings and grammatical errors are murderers

This is a very common mistake especially among freshers. It’s always good to have a spell check done once you have completed preparing your resume. It is very difficult to catch or identify your own mistakes. The best way to identify your mistake is to have your resume reviewed by someone else or by reading aloud.

TWO - Not including keywords that match the job position

If you do not include keywords related to the job position you are applying for; then the resume will not fetch you anything good. Mentioning the keywords in your resume related to the job is a necessity. Your resume should include the same keywords that appear in the job listing. If your resume lack the right keywords, it is most likely that your resume will not get noticed as your resume will not appear to be a fit for that particular job opportunity.

THREE - An outdated resume will make you look obsolete

There are times when we tend to use a resume without updating some of the important details. It is always better to read and updated your resume for every job you apply. Remember to update your skills section, important additions, contact number, address details, current location etc. It is important to update your resume; you never know the information missing can be important information for a job position. Hence check your resume before you apply for any job.

FOUR - Including too much information.

Resume of us want to write everything we have done on a resume. An interviewer spends 30 seconds reading your resume; hence it is important to highlight the most important information on your resume. A resume should contain information relevant to the job opportunity. Once your resume gets you a chance to be interviewed, you will definitely get a chance to elaborate on your hard work. Your resume should not exceed 1 – 2 pages. Use bullets instead of writing paragraphs, this would help to enhance the readability. It is not important to include everything you did. Hence identifying the best in you calls for an expert. Get you resume written by experts.

FIVE - Writing a resume objective which doesn't match the job

Writing an objective statement is important to let an interviewer know what your focus is. Many job seekers especially freshers don’t understand what an objective is and hence loose opportunities. An objective needs to be clear and has to focus on the target job opportunity. Ensure it is short and emphasizes on your interest in the type of work for which you are applying.

SIX - Including a career summary that doesn't match the job requirements

If you are writing a summary of qualification at the top of your resume, ensure there is a match between your resume summary and the key job requirements. It is not a mandate to have a summary in the resume hence if you are not clear it is advisable to ignore it.

SEVEN - Writing position descriptions that don't show what you accomplished

For freshers they may write a position for example president of a committee, where you will list you’re your duties & responsibilities. Instead it is good to write active statements which showcase your relevant skills and accomplishments. This will help a potential employer easily identify how you added value to your role.

EIGHT - Leading your paragraphs with mundane or irrelevant duties

Remember you need to begin with a statement which shows that you have the key skills required for the particular job opportunity. If your resume lacks this point; there are chances that your resume gets overlooked. Hence mention the most relevant duties & skill sets in the resume with context to the job you are applying for.

NINE - Not quantifying accomplishments

Avoid empty self-congratulatory phrases by quantifying accomplishments or providing other concrete evidence to support your assertions.

TEN - Being too modest

It is nice to mention your accomplishments & rewards in your resume, but at the same time you need to understand and know the best way to put it across in the resume. An expert would definitely know how to showcase this to benefit you to get to an interview.