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Emailing The Best Option-Emailing is The Best Option!

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A Fresher once completes his academics, focuses only on one goal and that is hunting for the best job in the market. We live in the world of process and procedures; which makes it difficult for a candidate to reach the interview table.

Emailing your resume is the best option. First step is to identify the person you need to contact and then search the email ID of the person either through the company website or the social networking sites.

Two Important Points to Note – When you send your resume through an Email


You have not got a call for the interview nor do you have the opportunity to see the person who is going to interview you. Well, it is the most essential document once you have decided to find yourself a job. An interviewer approximately spends about 30 seconds to make a decision to select or reject your resume. Your resume is what reaches an interviewer much before you. A Resume should be designed, to let an interviewer know in detail about you; starting from your career objective, academics, skills interest and so on…. It’s a mirror reflection of what you are!

If your resume is not attractive and does not fetch the important information in a glance of 30 seconds, you may lose the chance of getting selected. Hence it is always a good decision to get your resume done by experts. We as specialized in the Fresher industry, have a good understanding of what an interviewer expects on the other side of the table. Click Here to Know More.

Body of The Email

An email where you attach your resume has to cover very few points in the body of the email. An interviewer must not spend too much time reading the body of the mail. You may start with the position you are applying for which covers the company name, position & a brief how you got to know about the job opening. You may also express your interest in owing up the role, followed by a statement ensuring your capabilities and close it by thanking them in advance for considering your resume.

E.g : I am applying for the position of Software Engineer at, which I saw posted recently on Facebook. I’m extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity and believe I am well qualified. My resume is attached in this mail. Please let me know if any other information is required from my end. Thank you for your consideration.

-> Your Name

-> Your Mobile Number

Ensure before you click SEND, you have attached your resume.

In today’s era email are so much in use, as they save a lot of time either for sender or the receiver, it’s a faster way of reaching out to others, saves on costs etc…..

But every fresher is advised to consider the above points while choosing email as an option to send your resume for a job application.