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5 Steps to Write the Best Cover Letter-Thinking How To Write a Cover Letter…..

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Here are 5 Steps To Write a Successful Cover Letter

Most of the freshers may spend and put in a lot of time and effort into crafting a resume that covers their academic details, skills, knowledge, talents etc…. but fail to write a cover letter which basically is the path which takes an interviewer to view your resume. Failing to write a good cover letter may be a very costly error. If your resume opens a door of success, then a cover letter is what prompts a potential employer to select that door.

If you're scared by writing a cover letter, don't be. is here to help you with 5 simple steps to help you write a successful cover letter. You must send a cover letter for every chance you get.

Scratch the Rush (Introduction)Write a different cover letter for each job opportunity you get. You have already tailored your resume which includes complete information about you. Don’t stop now; let each cover letter be a unique one!

Many of us begin writing a cover letter by mentioning how we got to know about the job opportunity. It is nice to write something where you can make a stronger first impression by writing differently; it should be something where you readily show the value you offer. In this world of competition, the knack lies in how you attract an interviewer to read your cover letter.

Things You Will Like About Me (Body of the letter)

For a fresher you will require to highlight your qualification, you will need to understand what the potential employer is looking for in a candidate. Based on that, you will need to showcase your skills, projects or any other activities which ads to your knowledge like internships, seminars, workshops etc. You may draw the interviewer’s attention by focusing & mentioning about your accomplishments, your passion for contributing to the employer’s mission & your strongest relevant skills for the position you apply for. Overall focus of the cover letter should be to match your skills & knowledge to the job opportunity. Remember not to repeat too much information from your resume.

Why should you select me (Body of the letter)
In this competitive world, it is very important for you to stand out of the crowd. This section of the cover letter should include your strengths, where your cover letter and resume stand out to be different from the others.

And In Conclusion
Express your enthusiasm for a position and an interview. Don’t forget to include a plan of action. Ensure you have mentioned your contact information.