PPSC Question-Paper |   1568

PPSC Question-Paper

     Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) Exam Paper For The Post of Accountant

Directions Q.No. 1-3:-Choose the correct synonym of the given word out of the four choices:
A) Grievance 
B) Greed 
C) Gratitude 
D) Gravity

A) Relevant 
B) Invulnerable to 
C) Impertinent 
D) Permeable

A) Unaffected 
B) Unhealthy 
C) Commanding 
D) Weak

Directions Q.No. 4-5:-Choose the correct opposite of the given word out of the four choices:
A) Reject 
B) Select 
C) Indict 
D) Support

A) Responsibility 
B) Support 
C) Correctness 
D) Impudence

6.Which part of the Ashoka's pillar at Sarnath has been taken for National Emblem of India?
A) central portion 
B) bottom portion 
C) capital 
D) complete pillar

7.India became country to have acquired nuclear powered submarines.
A) sixth 
B) fifth 
C) fourth 
D) third

8.While determining literacy rate, the age taken into account is
A) + 1 years 
B) + 5 years 
C) + 6 years 
D) + 7 years

9.Which of the following states is on the south-west of Punjab?
A) Haryana 
B) Rajasthan 
C) Himachal Pradesh 
D) J and K

10.Which one of the following statements is correct about Punjab?
A) Punjab has 85% of its area under cultivation and 2.6% of cropped area of whole country
B) Punjab has 51% of its area under cultivation and 2.6% of cropped area of whole country 
C) Punjab has 70% of its area under cultivation and 1.6% of cropped area of whole country 
D) Punjab has 85% of its area under cultivation and 1.6% of cropped area of whole country 

11.Which three of the following rivers do not flow through Punjab?
A) Satluj, Chenab, Jhelum 
B) Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi
C) Beas, Ravi, Jhelum 
D) Chenab, Ravi, Satluj

12.An ad-valorem duty is tax basis of
A) price of commodity 
B) value added
C) Unit of commodity 
D) advertisement expenses

13.Which of the following does not have a common boundary with Bangladesh?
A) Meghalaya 
B) Mizoram 
C) Tripura 
D) Arunachal Pradesh

14.The first nuclear reactor of India is named
A) Urvashi 
B) Apsara 
C) Kamini 
D) Rohini

15.D. Udaya Kumar who designed symbol for Indian Rupee is
A) IIT post-graduate 
B) IIT drop out
C) Diploma holder in designing from polytechnic 

16.First Woman to climb Mount Everest is
A) Santosh Yadav 
B) Dina Vakel 
C) Bachchendri Pal 
D) Anna Chandi

17.How many members can the President of India nominate to Rajya Sabha?
A) 2 
B) 10 
C) 12 
D) 8

18.After retirement a judge can undertake private practice of law
A) in the same court 
B) only in a lower court
C) where ever he/she wished 
D) in another court of the same level or higher court

19.Who was Indian leader who opposed organisation of Indian National Congress in 1885 along with Raja Shiva Prasad of Benaras?
A) Sayyid Ahmed Khan 
B) Badrudin Tyabji
C) Nawab Abdul Latif 
D) Mohammad All Jinnah

20.The doctrine of Swadeshi was first preached and to
A) In 1866 ; save Indian economy 
B) In 1866 generate feeling of patriotism 
C) In 1870 ; protect Indian industries against slaught of British Manufacturers 
D) In 1876 ; create feeling of Indianization. 

21.In which city did representatives from the countries of the world meet and create the first international agreement on global warming?
A) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
B) Paris, France
C) Kyoto, Japan 
D) Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

22.The Earth is third planet from the Sun and is located between
A) Venus and Mars 
B) Mars and Jupiter
C) Venus and Jupiter 
D) Mercury and Venus

23.`Boston Tea Party' is associated with the
A) French Revolution 
B) Russian Revolution
C) American Independence 
D) Independence of Egypt

24.If `A S B' means `A' is brother of `B', `A @ B' means `A' is wife of `B', `A # B' means `A' is daughter of `B' and `A 8 B' means `A' is father of `B', then whicht?l of the following expressions indicates the relationship `K' is father-in-law of H?

25.Rewrite the word VOCALIST in the numeric form by writing its first four letter in the reverse order and then next four letters in the reverse by substituting I by 8,O by l,L by 3,T by 2,V by 5,S by 7,A by 9,andC by 6.
A) 96152783 
B) 92156873 
C) 96157683 

26.Adjustment entry to record interest on capital invested by owner will effect
A) Trading and Profit & Loss A/c 
B) Trading and Balance Sheet 
C) Profit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheet 
D) Trading A/c, Profit & Loss A/c and Balance Sheet 

27.Which of the following variance is usually not computed in respect of material?
A) Usage variance 
B) Idle time variance
C) Cost variance 
D) Mix variance

28.If a company is earning a profit of 100000 and its profit volume ratio is 25%, its margin of safety will be:
A) 400000 
B) 250000 
C) 750000 
D) 600000

29.According to AS-3, cash collected through issue of shares is shown under the head of
A) Cash from operating activities 
B) Cash from investing activities
C) Cash from financing activities 
D) Cash from business activities

30.Which of the following financial source may be helpful in reducing the tax burden in future?
A) Issue of equity shares 
B) Issue of preference share
C) Issue of debenture 
D) Issue of sweat equity

31.The rate at which present value of cash inflow is equal to present value of outflow is known as:
A) Return on equity 
B) Rate of gross profit
C) Rate of return 
D) Internal rate of return

32.Valuation of goodwill is not required in case of
A) Change in profit sharing ratio of partners 
B) Sale of business
C) Realising cash from debtors 
D) Retirement of a partner

33.Current cost accounting method does not involve:
A) Gearing adjustment 
B) Depreciation adjustment
C) Cost of sale adjustment 
D) Leverage adjustment

34.Which of the following method is not used to keep the accounts of a dependent branch?
A) Debtor system 
B) Creditor system
C) Final account system 
D) Stock and debtors system

35.In which type of following transaction ownership is not assumed to be transferred
A) Cash sale 
B) Credit sale
C) Hire-purchase system 
D) Instalment purchase system

36.LIFO method is suitable when
A) Goods are of perishable nature 
B) Calculation of remaining stock is required to be made at the lowest possible price 
C) Calculation of remaining stock is required to be made nearer to its market value 
D) Goods are non-perishable in nature 

37.The commission given to the consignee to meet any loss caused by bad debts is usually known as:
A) Del-credere commission 
B) Over-riding commission
C) Ordinary commission 
D) Super commission

38.Which of the following does not prepare account entitled as income and expenditure A/c.
A) A public limited company 
B) A charitable organisation
C) A professional firm 
D) A welfare club

39.Profit and loss on account of sale of depreciation fund investment is transferred to:
A) Profit & Loss Ale 
B) Asset A/c
C) Depreciation fund A/c 
D) Trading A/c

40.Income tax paid by a sole proprietor on his business income should be
A) Debited to Profit & Loss A/c
B) Credited to Profit & Loss A/c
C) Debited to Trading A/c 
D) Debited to Capital A/c


41.Trade expenses are shown in
A) Debit side of Trading A/c 
B) Credit side of Trading A/c
C) Debit side of Profit & Loss A/c 
D) Credit side of Profit & Loss A/c

42.Bank reconciliation statement is prepared by the:
A) Banker 
B) Customer of the bank
C) Reserve bank of India 
D) Creditors of bank's customer

43.The process of issuing a formal certificate of dishonour by a notary public to the holder of a bill is known as:
A) Noting

B) Protesting 
C) Marking 
D) Endorsing

44.An entry which is recorded in both the sides of three-column cash book is known as:
A) Contra entry 
B) Complementary entry
C) Opposite entry 
D) Compound entry

45.The practice of appending notes regarding contingent liability in accounting statements is in pursuant to:
A) Convention to consistency 
B) Convention of conservatism
C) Money measurement concept 
D) Convention of full disclosure

44.Payment of unrecorded liability on dissolution of a firm is debited to:
A) Revaluation A/c 
B) Realisation A/c 
C) Partner's capital A/c 
D) Liability A/c

45.A, B and C are partners sharing profit and loss in the ratio of 2:2:1. C retires.The new profit sharing ratio will be:
A) 2:1 
B) 1:1 
C) 1:2 
D) 3:2

46.Repair to the machinery should be apportioned to different departments according to
A) Number of machines 
B) Value of machinery
C) Floor area of machinery 
D) Insurance value of machinery

47.The calculation of days from the date of transaction to the date of settlement is made by
A) Forward method 
B) Perpetual method
C) Epoque method 
D) Daily balance method

48.Cost incurred on direct material is:
A) Variable cost 
B) Fixed cost 
C) Imputed Cost 
D) Fixed overhead

49.Under VED technique of material control, `V' stands for
A) Very 
B) Vital 
C) Variable 
D) Vast

50.Carrying cost does not include:
A) Cost of storage 
B) Cost of spoilage in stores and handling
C) Transportation cost 
D) Cost of placing orders