PPSC Placement Paper |   801

PPSC Placement Paper

                   Punjab Public Service Commission Previous Year Question Paper

1. Agenda 21 is related with:
(A)SAAR Summit
(B)Earth Summit
(C)NAM Summit
(D)EU meeting

2. Indian President can nominate 2 members of one community to the Lok Sabha, if they are not adequately represented. The community is:
(A)Anglo Indian

3. Rajya Sabha members are elected by means of:
(A)First past the post system
(B)Functional representation
(C)Single transferable vote system
(D)List system

4. The Defence Minister who resigned the post following an attack on Northern-Eastern borders of India by China in November 1962:
(A)V.K. Krishna Menon
(C)Lal Bahadur Sasthri

5. One of the following is not included in Writ:

6. First Trade Union in India

7. Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai exiled on
(A)26th Sept. 1909
(B)26th Sept. 1911
(C)26th Sept. 1910
(D)10th Sept. 1926

8. The first person who described the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 as first war of Independence in his book 'First War of Independence':
(A)John Seely
(C)Sir Colling Kambell
(D)Ramgopal Gosh

9. Odd man out:

10. The winner of Wimbledon Tennis Men's title 2010:
(A)Roger Federer
(B)Rafael Nadal
(C)Andy Murray
(D)Thomas Berdych

11. The only Tropical Rain Forest in India. It is also called as the cradle of evolution:
(B)Araval!y Hills
(C)Himadri Hills
(D)Silent Valley

12. Here Pappa Somes' is the painting of:
(B)Leonardo Davinci
(C)Raja Ravi Varma
(D)R.K. Lakshman

13. The Indian National Movement leader who attracted the people into the freedom struggle movement through organising 'Ganapathy Carnival and Sivaji Carnival.'
(A)Bala Gangadhara Thilak
(B)Gopala Krishna Gokhale
(C)Dada Bhai Navaroji
(D)Vipin Chandra Pal

14.Octopus the Paul, who fascinated the football fans by correctly predicting results at 2010 World Cup Football, was hailed from :
(A)South Africa

15. The French Novel 'The Count of Monte Cristo1 written by Alexander Dumas inspired the Malayalam movie:
(B)News paper boy
(C)Kandam bechakottu

16. In which city Commonwealth Games 2010 were held?

17. "Say no to racism" is a banner raised before every match of:
(B)Asian Games2010
(C)World Cup Football 2010
(D)Australian Open 2010

18. Which of the schedule of Indian Constitution enumerates powers and functions of Pan-chayath Raj Institution?

19. Three tier Panchayat Raj system established with the recommendation of:
(A)Ashok Mehta Committee
(B)Balwanth Rai Mehta Committee
(C)Mandal Commission
(D)Kaka Kaledkar Commission

20. The provision of fundamental rights in Indian Constitution is borrowed from
(A)British Constitution
(B)French Constitution
(C)Russian Constitution
(D)American Constitution

21. Power of Rajya Sabha in dealing with money bill
(A)Equivalent power with Lok Sabha
(B)Only can withhold 14 days
(C)Can introduce only in Rajya Sabha
(D)Decides the bill is money bill or not

22. The Veda which deal with music
(A)Sam Veda

23. Jataka tales describe the stories related to the birth of
(C)Varthamana Mahaveera

24.ASEAN referred to
(A)Association of South East Asian Nations
(B)Association of South American Nations
(C)Association of South European Alliance Nations
(D)Association of South East

25. The website that exposed detailed chronicle of systematic abuse, torture and concealment of the US and other military logs in Iraq.
(A)People Daily
(C)Wiki Leaks

26. The first Law Officer of Government of India
(A)Solicitor General
(B)Attorney General
(C)Accountant General
(D)Advocate General

27. Konark Sun Temple or Black Pagoda is situated in the state of
(B)Utter Pradesh
(C)Madhya Pradesh

28. Name the Hurricane that blew over Jamaica and Haiti in 2010
(D)Willy Willies

29. One of the following is not held in India during the period of Viceroy the Lord Ripon
(A)-Gens us in India
(B)Illbei Bill Passed
(C)Starting of Local self Government
(D)Formation of Indian National Congress

30. The term "Third World' refers to
(A)Developed countries
(B)Afro Asian countries
(C)Developing countries
(D)Oil rich countries

31. 'Worshipping false Gods' is the book of
(A)Khushwant Singh
(B)Arun Shourie
(C)Richard Brinsely Sheridan
(D)Arundathi Roy

32. Opium a war fought between
(A)Afghanistan and China
(B)China and Britain
(C)Russia and China
(D)Russia and Afghanistan

33. Currency notes in India are printed in
(A)Security Press Nasik
(B)Security Press Noida
(C)Security Press Mumbai
(D)Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi

34. In which layer of atmosphere the ozone layer found?

35.Rice is the main crop of