PPSC Placement Paper |   980

PPSC Placement Paper

                                Punjab PSC Previous Year Question Paper 

1. Who invented the following
A. ball-point pen 
B. Laser 
C. Refrigerator 
D. Stethoscope
E. X-ray

2. Who wrote the following books?
A. Geetha Govindam 
B. Vanaprastham 
C. Paradise Lost
D. My Life and Time 
E. The Waste Land

3. Give the full from the following abbreviations :-
E. Ph.d

5. Explain the following in a sentence or two:__
A. Lactometer 
B. Seismograph 
C. Pasteurised Milk
D. Blood count 
E. Punchayati Raj

6. What are equity shares?

7. What is federalism?

8. Who was the winner of World Cup football in 1998?

9. Who got 1997 Arjuna Award in Athletics?

10. Who was the youngest Indian President to assume office?

11. Who got 1995 Jnanpith Award?

13. Where is Visweswaryya Industrial and Technology Museum situated?

14. Who deigned the first postal stamp in India?

15. Which are the states of origin of Kuchpudi and Bharatnatyam?

16. Which is the most populous State in India?

17. Which plat was hitted by Comet Shoemaker – Levy 9 ?

18. INSAT 2C was launched from which place?

19. Who was the first Indian in space?

20. Who is the central Cabinet Minister for Human Resource Development?

21. Bombay : Maharashtra : Bhopal ::…….
A. Karnataka 
B. Andhra Pradesh 
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Nagaland 
E. None of these

22. Factory : Worker : : Finger : :……..
A. Nail 
B. Hand 
C. Arm 
D. Palmer 
E. None of these

23. Year : Month : : Week: : …..
A. Hour 
B. Minute 
C. Day 
D. Fortnight 
E. None of these

24. 3600 : 600 : 120 : 30 : ………..
A. 15 
B. 10 
C. 5 
D. 20 
E. None of these

25. ABCU : ACBV : BCAW : BACX : CBAY : …………..
E. None of these

26. If an agent supplies 25 tables and 25 chairs for Rs 17,500. he will supply 10 tables and 10 chairs for
A. Rs 7,000 
B. Rs 10,000 
C. Rs.15000 
D. Rs.3500 
E. None of these

27. A number is made of two digits. If 45 is added to the number, the digit get the reserved. The number could be
A. 18 
B. 36 
C. 54 
D. 27 
E. None of these

28. Raju and Babu set on a journey. Raju moves eastward at a speed of 20 km/hr. Babu moves westward at a speed of 30 km/hr. How far is Raju from Babu after half an hour ?
A. 25kms 
B. 10kms 
C. 50kms 
D. 30kms 
E. None of these

29. If 5 worker working 7 hours a day finish the work in 4 days, then one worker working 10 hours a day can finish the same work in
A. 8 days 
B. 10 days 
C. 20 days 
D. 14 days 
E. None of these

30. 50 % of 50 % of 12 is how much
A. 3 
B. 6 
C. 2 
D. 1 
E. None of these