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Philips Recruitment Procedure

Philips Selection procedure and interview procedure in Campus

Hi friends!!
The Selection Procedure of Philips.
1.Written Test
3.Telephonic-Personal-Tech and HR

1. Written test consists of 3 sections.
No Negative Marking
Time Limit :1Hour

Section 1

Section 2
C and Data structures.

Section 3 depends on your branch ...
Paper was very difficult
Electronics and mathematics -20 Questions

2.Interview and 3.Telephonic-Personal-Tech and HR

HR questions
What is your strengths and weaknesses
What are the values u respect
Site a reason why philips should hire you
What will you do if you are asked to manage a project which will definitely skip its deadline.

What is runtime locatable code?
What is volatile, register definition in C
What is compiler and what its output.