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Persistent Technical-Other

Hi Friends,

I'm very happy after selecting for Persistent. Actually I didn't prepare much for it, just casually i attended to the campus.

Inorder to get into the persistent we should have a better touch on our core subjects especially sorting algorithms and Data structures
The subjects he mainly focussed are C, DS, C++, OS, DBMS, CN, UNIX.

Persistent exam contains two sets

Objective test:

In this he will touch all the subjects which i had mentioned above. In addition to that GA 5+ questions will be there. It's easy to get into the written exam by having a basic idea on our core subjects

Descriptive test:

In this he will give one essay and one program. My sincere advise for descriptive test is to concentrate more on program rather than essay then after the written test it is followed by two technical interview's and HR

In the first technical interview he will mainly concentrate on coding. i.e., on DS and sorting algorithms and he will ask you to explain the program which is given in the written test. And he used to ask puzzles. He will cover all the core subjects

In the second technical interview he will ask all the core subjects but it is little bit low level compared to technical one.

Later it is followed by HR, this is the one which make me so confused and tensed, in this he used to depress us. We should be bold enough to face it

This is the experience which I got in my campus

All the best guys!