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Persistent Aptitude-General

The selection procedure of Persistent was toughest a fresher can face in his final year of engineering. The different levels of campus recruitment for Persistent Systems involves following stages.

1. Aptitude test

Involving 60 questions to be answered in 60 mins. Involves 5 aptitude questions, and other 55 questions from all Computer Science/IT subjects like Data Structures, Microprocessor, C/C++, Java, DBMS, Networking, Operating Systems and Communication Systems.

2. Written Test

Involving Essay Writing and a C program (we were asked to write a program to convert source code input as a file.c into a source code file with C specific indentation removing extraneous spaces and performing appropriate indentation ). This test is to be completed in 30 mins.

Results were declared after this two rounds of 90 mins. 92 people got selected out of 302.

3. Technical Round: 1

This round is toughest of all to clear as it involved too much elimination of students.
You will be asked questions from all subjects mentioned above, core programming concepts and DBMS queries. Subjects may different based on the stream you come from

4. Technical Round:  2

This round is a bit easy compared to first technical round. They would put up questions on projects, technology mentioned in resume. You will also be asked about your prefered technology if you get selected in Persistent. This round goes up to 15-20 mins on average.

Results were again declared after technical rounds. Around 35 people got selected out of 92.

5. Final HR round

This round involves one-to-one chat with HR head involving questions on easy puzzles, family background, your weaknesses and how you will over come them, strengths and how did it helped you and some questions on ur hobbies.

You are 99.9% selected if you get through technical round and have some basic communication skills.

Finally 24 people were in all selected out of 302 that appeared for the recruitment process.  You will be offered a package of 3.5 CTC and 3 gross. Training period involves stipend of around 7500 which goes for around 6 months.

All the best for Persistent. Meet you there.