OPSC Question-Paper |   778

OPSC Question-Paper

                         Orissa Public Service Commission -Forestry Model Test Paper

1.Seeds of which species is disposed by wind ?
(b) Teak
(d) Oaks

2. What regeneration category the symbol `e' denote ?
(b) Woody shoot
(d) Unestablished shoots

3.What tending operation is carried out to produce knot free timber ?
(b) Thinning
(d) Girdling

4.The seed viability period for Shorea robusta is
(a)1-2 months 
(b)6-12 months
(c)1-2 weeks 
(d) More than a year

5.Shorea robusta has a good seed year every
(a)3 - 5 years 
(b)4 - 5 years
(c)5 - 6 years 
(d)7 - 8 years

6.Even when the embryo is fully developed the seed do not germinate because it is not chemically ready for germination. This is called
(b) After ripening
(c)Hard seed coat 
(d)Seed viability

7.In the areas of uncertain rainfall what type of sowing method is followed ?
(a)Ridge sowing 
(b) Patch sowing
(c)Strip sowing 
(d) Ridge-ditch sowing

8.The approximate number of seeds per gram of Eucalyptus tereticornis is

9.Elite thinning is prastised in which tree species ?

10.The principles of Forest Management are based on
(a)Thorough afforestation of wasteland and degraded land.
(b) Nation's Forest Policy and State Forest Policy.
(c)Protection of forests from biotic activities/interferences.
(d) By developing Village Forests.

11.The objectives of Forest Management can be met with
(a)By a scientifically managed forests and adopting sound silvicultural practices.
(b) By social forestry activities.
(c)By soil conservation measures.
(d) Thorough irrigation and fertilizers treatment of the area.

12.How the sustained yield of the forest is expressed ?
(a)Sustained yield is expressed as the allowable cut (extraction) i.e. gross increment minus natural loss due to fire, wind, epidemics, etc.
(b) Sustained yield is expressed after clear felling the forest.
(c)Sustained yield is maintained by continuous planting the forest area.
(d) Through the regeneration of forest by coppicing.

13.What are pre-requisites for sustained yield management ?
(a)By removal of harvestable plants irrespective of any prescribed age.
(b) Regeneration of area through coppice and cutting of forest at the end of harvesting period.
(c)Planting and regular cutting for the area.
(d) Sustained annual yield is to be maintained by a complete succession of equal areas of crop of all ages of maturity (say 10 years) and removal of 10 years old wood or mature wood annually (complete series of age gradation).

14.What is the normal forest ?
(a)A forest which is kept uniform under uniform system.
(b)Normal forests are over stocked with forest trees.
(c)An area represented with all age classes and with uniform conditions of increment and stocking.
(d)They are under stocked with trees and have medicinal plants.

15.How the normal even aged and uneven aged forests are distinguished ?
(a)The forests which are worked on clear felling system.
(b)The forests which are worked on age gradation basis.
(c)Forests containing larger number of small trees than bigger ones per hectare mixed together (size gradation) worked under selection system.
(d)The forests which are worked on coppice system.

16.What do you understand by Normal Growing Stock (N.G.S.) ?
(a)Any increase or decrease in the income from the forests
(b)The total volume of trees in a fully stocked forest with normal distribution of age classes for a given rotation.
(c)Over stock mixed forest area
(d)On basis of forestry practices applied in the area

17.How the growing stock is determined ?
(a)By enumeration of the biodiversity of the forest area.
(b) By preparation of inventories of forest areas, volume of trees and aerial photography.
(c)By determining age of the forest crop.
(d) By number of species growing in the area.

18.How the Normal Growing Stock (N.G.S.) is determined ? 
(a)By a formula evolved by Munger (U.S.A) based on Current Annual Increment (C.A.I.)
(b)By the formula evolved by Fischer.
(c)By counting the species density of the area.
(d)By measuring the girth of the tree species.

19.How yield is regulated in irregular forests ?
(a)Yield based on growing stock only.
(b)Yield based on increment only.
(c)Yield based on volume of growing stock.
(d)By Biolley's "check method."

20.What are the objects for classification of silvicultural systems ?
(a)It is based on systematization of knowledge and precautions against wrong use as well as directions to planned treatment of crops.
(b)On basis of need for developing the biodiversity.
(c)Enhancing the productivity of forest.
(d)Developing non-timber forest produce.

21.What do you understand by the clear felling system ? 
(a) In this system soil is conserved, maintains natural soil flora and fauna; invasion of weed and grasses decrease. 
(b) A silvicultural system in which equal or equi-productive areas of mature crops are successively clear felled in one operation to be regenerated most frequently artificially. 
(c) This system does not involve formation of annual coupes. 
(d) In this system damage to new crop is involved by felling of older trees. 

22. What are the objects of uniform system ? 
(a)There is no regulation of light and shelter against adverse climatic factors in this system.
(b) Incidence for grazing and browzing is controlled. (c) There is high risk of soil deterioration and erosion. 
(d) It is a system aiming at concentrated regeneration in which the canopy is uniformly opened up over the whole area of a compartment to obtain uniform regeneration. 

23. Which type of crop is there in selection system ? 
(a) Felling and regeneration is done in whole part of area for even age crop. 
(b) The regeneration operations are carried out during a part of life of forest crop. 
(c)All aged uneven forest crop is there in selection system.
(d) There is no criteria for removal of undesirable species.

24. In coppice system coppice shoots originates from which parts ?
(a)The coppice shoots originates from roots.
(b)The new coppice crop originates from stool/stumps through callus or dormant buds.
(c)The coppice crop originates from seed.
(d) The coppice crop originates from branch cuttings.

25.What is the pattern of rotation in coppice with standard ? 
(a)It has two rotation one for coppice and other for standard.
(b)For coppice only.
(c)For standard only.
(d)This has short rotation of seedling coppice.