OPSC Placement Paper |   563

OPSC Placement Paper

              Orissa Public Service Commission Previous Year Priliminary Paper- Forestry

1.How the crop is developed in conversion system ?
(a)The two mixed crops are maintained.
(b)Single pure crop is developed.
(c)The crop composition is not changed.
(d)This system involves a change in crop composition.

2.What is the scope of silvicultural systems ? 
(a) It is helpful in planting of new species. 
(b) It is a procedure adopted for removal of a forest crop at a given set of conditions and its regeneration. 
(c)Planting of exotic species.
(d) It is used for developing non-timber forest produce.

3. In which States conversion from coppice with standard to coppice with reserve is mostlydone ? 
(a)States of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra forests
(b) Orissa forests
(c)Uttranchal forests
(d)Manipur and Tripura forests

4. Which system will be applied if the object of management is production of fuel, small timber or even poles ? 
(a) Uniform system may be applied 
(b) Selection system may be applied 
(c)Clear felling system will be applied
(d) Any of the coppice system may be applied with advantage of species which coppice

5. When the Forest Policy of India was formed first after independence ?

6. In which Forest Policy the development of tribal people and forest villages was encouraged ?
(a)Pre-independence Forest Policies
(b) Forest Policy of 1988
(c)Forest Policy of 1952
(d)National Commission of Agriculture, 1976.

7. In which Forest Policy it was laid out that the India's forest cover should be 33 per cent ? 
(a)Forest Policies of pre-independence
(b) Forest Policy of 1994
(c)Forest Policy of 1952
(d)Forest Policy of 1988

8. What is the major emphasis given in the National Commission of Agriculture 1976 ?.
(a)Collection of forest products.
(b) The development of industries like pulp, paper and panel products. 
(c) Cutting of natural forest for timber. 
(d) Collection of medicinal plants. 

9. Who is granting forest clearance for major mining projects ?
(a)Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India and State Government.
(b) Only State Forest Department.
(c)By the State Revenue Department.
(d) By the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests.

10. What are the main objectives of National Wasteland Development Board ?
(a)For management of forests.
(b) For cutting of timber and agro-forestry practices. 
(c)For afforestation of wasteland of the country.
(d) For enhancing the productivity of non-timber forest produce.

11. Under which Act, the Government impose restriction on forest land for diversion to non forest purpose ? 
(a)Indian Forest Act 
(b) Forest Conservation Act
(c)Indian Forest Policy 
(d) Indian Forest Bill, 1980

12. The basic objective of Joint Forest Management is
(a) Involvement of local people in decision making in Forest Management.
(b) Involvement of State Forest Department in Forest Management.
(c)Involvement of NGOs in Forest Management.
(d) Involvement of academic institutions In Forest Management.

13. The basic attributes which all agro-forestry system possess are
(b) Sustainability
(d) All of the above 

14. Litterfall and prunings of which of the following tree species contribute maximum ?

15. Nutrient recovery in agroforestry compared to sole crop is
(d)Doesn't matter

16. How many eucalyptus trees will be planted in one hectare of land at a spacing of 4 x 2.5 m ?

17. The original idea to assist rural poor in developing countries to use forests in their vicinity in a sustainable manner and to their economic advantages comes under
(b)Farm Forestry
(c)Social Forestry 

18.Scope of community forestry includes
(a)Establishing woodlots for fuel 
(b)Establishing multipurpose trees
(c)Providing fodder for livestock 
(d)All of the above

19. Alkaloid extracted from Sarpgandha (Rauwolfia Serpentina) is

20.`Calcium Carbonate' is added during making of
(a)Cigarette paper 
(b)Drawing paper
(c)Blotting paper 
(d)Printing paper

21. Which of the following grass is used for making ropes ?
(a)Eulaliopsis binata 
(b)Hetero o on contortus
(c)Panicum maximum 
(d)Pennisetum purpureum

22. Energy flow in forest ecosystem is always 
(b) Bidirectional
(d) None of the above

23. Pyramid of Biomass in forest ecosystem may be
(b) Upright
(c)Both (a) and (b) 
(d)None of the above

24. The art and science of growing trees is designated as
(a) Horticulture 
(b) Silviculture
(c) Sericulture 
(d) Apiculture

25. Which one of the Protected Areas is not a World's Heritage Site adopted by UNESCO ? 
(a)Kanha National Park
(b) Sunderbans National Park
(c)Nandadevi and Valley of Flower National Park
(d) Manas Wildlife Sanctuary