Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Harish updated on Jan 2021
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hi everyone....
I have recently given the ONGC Paper on 20th june. I am from ECE branch....
Paper(3 hrs,no negative marking) consist of 4 sections...
s1:gk 40q(obj)
s2:tech 80q(obj)
s3:gk 2q(subj)
s4:tech 2q(subj)

Section 1:( hardly 20 mins)(most difficult)
s1 was d most difficult n in dis sec u should rely on ur luck!!!

1.If a president has to resign, he should give his application to?
2.which river cut the tropical of cancer twice?
3.Mansabdari system introduced by?
4.chairman of national comission for farmer?
5.which Indian organization first obtained cisf securtiy certificate?
6.who is the guru of mahatama gandhi?
7.where will next climate summit(cop 16) will  take place?
8.Highest peak in the sathpura range?
9.KONKAN coastalline is held b/n?
10.Author of "Neel Darpan"?
11."Child labour is crime" which article?
12.first buddist council held in?
13."National  Environment Engineering" Institute is located in?
14.where is Bear lake?
15.Chairman of congress during split of INC into extremist and moderate(popularly known as Surat split)?
16.min age defined for the judge of supreme court?
17.Most sweet naturally occuring sugar is?
18. Pellagra is due to deficiency of which Vitamin?
19.Fundamental rights were first raised in which city?
20.Tipaimukh DAM situated at?
21.Krishna River emerges from?
22.Tadri Ultra Mega Power Project is at?
23.State with highest decay in population growth rate in 2001 census?
24.Sex ratio of india in 2001 census?
25.Grandmaster Parimarjan Negi has won?
26.NH_15 b/w which cities?
27.National Solar Mission is to ensure 20000 MW power production by which year?
28.Moplah Rebels situated at?
29.2010 FIFA world cup held at?(only q to which i know d ans :) )
30.Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Indian Prime Minister?
31.In Assembly elections state in which a single party has won all seats?
32.Indian Space appliocation center located at?
33.What is another name of Red Blood Corpuscle?
34.Sun's highest distance from earth is called?
35.What is capacity of India's First Nuclear Submarine(Arihant)?
& 5 more i dont remeber...

Section2:(80 mins)(easy)
it was very easy and consists ques from (no numericals)
microprocessor,consumer electronics,electrical sciences(q on statements of KVL , KCL, n/w Theorems),analog comm(AM,FM),digital comm,Comp n/w,Microwave,Circuit n sys,digital cir n sys) (no ques from analog electronics,embedded sys,optical,VLSI,DSP,Signal sys,Control engg!!)

Section 3:(subj 1 page each)(20 mins)(easy)
1.Unity in diversity &
 2.impact of globalization on rural economy

Section 4:(subj)(moderate)
1. design circuit satisfy eq (15mins+)
v0=integration(v1 dt) + int(v2 dt) + int(v3 dt)

2. simple ques on karnaugh maps   ( 5 mins)
solve SOP( 4 variable) & verify result using boolean algebra...