Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Prashik Jawade updated on Jan 2021
Whole-Testpaper |   9735

Objective Qs.:
40  questions are of general awareness

80  questions are of Technical.

2 Descriptive of General awareness:
1) Essay on Unity in diversity 2)Impact of globalisation on Rural economy
2  Descriptive of Technical :
1) Design of a analog circuit which have output as V=∫V1dt+ ∫V2dt+∫V3dt. 2)A simple question on digital of K map solving.
  Some of the questions which I remember are as follows: 1)Who is the president of INC during split of congress in session of 1907? 2)Pallegra is caused by deficiency of? 3)Negi a grandmaster is associated with which cup? 4)Power of Arihant 5)Which article mention that "Childern below 14 years of age should not involved in emplyement." 6)First company to have CISF security.  7)Sweetest form of sugar. 8)What is RBC also called? 9)Which state have lowest poulation decadal growth? 10)Sex ratio of India. 11)Next climate change meeting to be held at? 12)Krishna river originates from? 13)NH-15 connects what? 14)Who is the chief of IAEA? 15)Space application centre is located at? 16)Who is the political guru of Mahatma gandhi?     Technical Questions are very easy. Simple concepts they have asked. No analytical and numerical question is there.