Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Sakshi updated on Jan 2021
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Hi guys I am Sakshi Gupta. I gave my ONGC paper on 20th june, 2010. I am from CSE department. The paper consists of 40 gk questions, 80 computers. There were

4 subjective questions, 2 on general, 2 on computers.
1 Unity in diversity 
2) Effect of globalization economy
3)life cycle of a project
4) types of system in simulation

I dnt remember gk questions much. questions were tough, gk was generally static

1) If a president has to resign, he should give his applications to
Prime minister         vice president            Chief justice of india

2)which river cut the tropical of cancer twice
orange nd some options

3) Mansabdari system introduced by
jahangir         akbar       shahajahan

4)  chairman of national comission for farmer
Ms swaminathan kc panth

5) which organization first obtained cisf securtiy certificate
TCS            infosys         satyam
6) who is the guru of mahatama gandhi
lala lajpat rai             bal ganga dhar tilak

7)where will next climate summit will  take place
mexico        canada             nigeria

computers question( Each question had 4 options, i remember some options only)

1) what is that system that is produced by company but never released(sth like that)
vaporware      shareware                   mindwave             freeware

2) what are entities that are implemented in object oriented
objects     classes                some options

3) what is a term that denotes wrapping up of data and functions
encapsulation           abstraction          3) polymorphism

4) the term that denotes knowing only essential details not knowing background
abstraction          polymorphism

5) the user defined data type is :
variable      constant         function            

6) the 1000 kbyte memory has two partitions of 260 and 200 bytes without compaction. which is the smallest memory request that will be denied.
a) 514    b) 181        c) 207

7) the semaphore is
a) critical regions to prevent deadlock     b) critical regions to prevent sth..

8) the banker's dijakstra algo is used in
deadlock recovery              deadlock avoidance            mutual exclusion

9) which one is not an output device
CRT         mouse              Laser printer
10)Which helps in accessing memory usage
ROM    console           mouse

11) which one is a DBMS software
data manipulation language        query language   utilities        report writer

12) what is the order
blocked ready run                 wake up ready run                and so on

13) who invented c++
bjourne stroutsup    charles babbage

14) which one is not a filter
wc      sort           cat     grep

15)  the merging of two files into 1
documentation         utilities

Questions of CS were from unix, c, c++, dbms, os concepts
questions were not very tough