OIL-Oil India Limited Whole-Testpaper Contributed by Debajit chakraborty updated on Mar 2021

                                     OIL Interview Experience 

Hi Friends, I have attended Interview Oil India Limited(OIL) I share my experience with you. 
Question paper was based on 30% on aptitude, general awareness, English, numerical ability etc. 10% on essay writing. And rest on subject, including a few 5 marks problems.

Hello Friends,
Paper was a bit tough, specially the technical part. Paper consists of four sections. 
Part A was composed of general awareness and quantative aptitude. 
Part B was technical based. 
Part C had subjective questions which included a sum of heat transfer. 
Part D consisted of essay.

Question those I remember are :-
1. Where will be the next commonwealth games be held

2. Which of the following consist of highest energy
a) Red light b) Green light c) Yellow light

3. OPEC countries

4. Who got the golden boot in FIFA 2010

5. Twitter was developed by?

6. Between 200 and 500 how many 4’s are present

7. Some blood relations problem

8. If in a subject, A 20% failed ; subject B 22% failed; Subject C 16%failed. Then what is the pass percentage?

9. Explain joule kelvins law… give diagrams

Technical questions mainly based on fluid mechanics, heat transfer, mechanical design was asked.
Essays include(10marks):

1. Oil spill in gulf of mexico
2. Terrorism : causes