OIL-Oil India Limited Paper Contributed by Samjuktha updated on Jan 2021

                                        Oil India Ltd Exam Paper

1. Mohan earned twice as much as Deep. Yogesh earned rs.3/- more than half as much as deep. If the amounts earned by Mohan,Deep,Yogesh are M,D,Y respectively, Which of the following is the correct ordering of these amounts?
a) M < D < Y
b) M < Y < D
c) D < M < Y
d) It cann't be determined from the information given
e) D < Y < M
ans: d

2. if a=2,b=4,c=5 then (a+b*c)/(c* a+b)
a) 1
b) 11/30
c) 0
d) -11/30
e) -1
ans: b

3. if q <> 0 and k = qr/2 -s, then what is r in terms of k,q,s?

4. Q is not equal to zero and k = (Q x n - s)/2.What is n?
(a) (2 x k + s)/Q
(b) (2 x s x k)/Q
(c) (2 x k - s)/Q
(d) (2 x k + s x Q)/Q
(e) (k + s)/Q

5. Which may occurs as a result of cause not mentioned
I. D

(a) I only
(b) II only
(c) I & II
(d) II & III
(e) I,II & III
Ans. (c)

6. What is the angle between the two hands of a clock when time is 8:30
Ans. 75(approx)

7. Jhaveri invested in Upendra&Upendra,Celco and Winger shares at Rs. 300,Rs.200 and Rs.5 per share respectively. He bought 100 shares for Rs.1000.The number of Upendra&Upendra and Celco shares he bought are respectively

8. an article with cost price of 180 is sold at 15% profit. what is the selling price?

9.the thermal conductivity of a gas:
i) increases with increasing temp.

10.which of following heat exchangers is used for chilling oil to be dewaxed?
i)double puipe heat exchanger

11. the purpose of steam trap is
i) to remove condensate and inert gases

12. steam economy of triple effect evaporator is

13. Duhring rule is useful in solving problems on
i) evaporation

14.dry ice is
i) solid carbon dioxide

15.glass is
i) a super cooled liquid

16.temporary hardness of water may be removed by adding
i) calcium hydroxide

17. carbohydrates are the organic compound of
i) carbon hydrogen oxygen

18.vinyl chloride has the formula

19.the temp. of water cooled in cooling tawer is

20. Blue vitriol is …..

21. Enzyme converts glucose to ethyl alcohol … which is zymase 

22. UNIX command to redirect the output file

23. Immediate addressing mode …..

24. Messages are transferred to computer networks through……..

25. MAX size of float is …