OIL-Oil India Limited Candidate-Experiences Contributed by Pradip updated on Mar 2021

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Hi Friends, I have attended Interview Oil India Limited(OIL) I share my experience with you. 
Question paper was based on 30% on aptitude, general awareness, English, numerical ability etc. 10% on essay writing. And rest on subject, including a few 5 marks problems.

A few questions that I remember.

1. Who was the lady shooter recently on news from India.

a) Tejashwini Sawant 
b) Tejashwini mathur 
c) Sania Nehwal 
Ans: a

2. Where is the 2014 CWG to be held?
a) London 
b) Leeds 
c) Glasgow 
Ans c

3. One question on Passage

4. A few numeric problems. Very easy

5. Preorder to Inorder

6. Binary addition

7. Octal to Binary conversion

8. Create Binary search tree from given string

9. Lot of questions on Array , Link list, deque etc.

10. Full form of, CSMA/CD, UDP, RAID etc.

11. A 5 marks problem on Deque push and pop.

12. A very very simple C program, you have to write the output.

Overall the questions were very easy. You have to preapare the basics well.
Good Luck!