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NTPC Whole-Testpaper

hi friends, I am abhinav B.Tech MECH. I appeared for NTPC written test on 12th april held on all India basis. here i am giving the questions as many i remember:
the paper consisted of 2 sections-120 technical and 50 questions on general aptitude. the aptitude section consisted of questions from english & aptitude. There were no questions from General knowledge.


Q1 stress = load/ area
Q2 deflection in simply supported beam in case of UVL
Q3 definition of cantilever
Q4 relation between elastic constants E=2C(1+1/m)
Q5 if stress is applied at free end of cantilever, then where is chance of breakage
Q6 which type of turbine is francis turbine
Q7 relation for unit discharge of centrifugal pump
Q8 relation for specific speed of pump
Q9 direction of flow of water in axial flow turbine
Q10 what is deformation per unit length called?
Q11 Hook's law is applicable upto- elastic limit
Q12 design of thin cylinder is based on-
Q13 Lame's theory is used for thick or thin cylinder
Q14 Unit of thermal conductivity
Q15 basic law of heat transfer
Q16 effect of supersaturation in nozzle on entropy
Q17 definition of nozzle efficiency
Q18 what is measure of performance of refrigerator
Q19 definition of heat engine efficiency
Q20 in nozzle potential energy is converted into kinetic energy
Q21 Which type of mechanism is Watt indicator mechanism
Q22 The value of stress in suddenly applied load
Q23 Venturimeter is used for measuring - rate of flow in circular pipe
Q24 Which uses consumable electrode- TIG/ MIG
Q25 Water insect walks due to - Surface tension
Q26 What is stress / strain- modulus of elasticity
Q27 what is the direction of Coriolois component- perpendicular to slider velocity
Q28 if velocity of A & B moving in opposite direction are w1 & w2, then the relative velocity-
Q29 ratio of stiffness when springs are connected in series to that connected in parallel
Q30 equation of length of compound pendulum
Q31 definition of kinematic similarity
Q32 what is maximum temperature of oxy-acetylene flame
Q33 profile satisfying law of gearing
Q34 flexible method is used for
Q35 effect of L/n ratio on secondary force in engine
Q36 which cycle is used in SI engine
Q37 effect of buoyancy is based on - arcmidise principle
Q38 rise or fall of liquid is based on - capillary effect
Q39 definition of stable governor
Q40 gas used in fire extingusher
Q41 which is used as refrigerant- freon
Q42 definition of metacenter
Q43 use of draft tube
Q44 equation for power transmitted by belt drive
Q45 closed cycle gas turbine works on- brayton cycle
Q46 what is primary work of compressor
Q47 question on pascal law
Q48 Ist law of thermodynamics is based on conservation of energy
Q49 continuity equation is based on
there were many questions on production tech also.


it consisted of
4 q on articles
4 questions on prepositions
4 questions on synonyms
4 questions on antonyms
5 questions on reading comprehension
5 questions on bar chart
rest were mathematical & logical reasoning.

I had attempted 88 in Ist section & 43 in 2nd section. I had cleared the written test and got a call for GD & interview on 9th july at PMI, Noida. the interview were going on since 1st june. I could not clear the interview round. But i will try next time.
for any information u can contact me at my mail id ABHINAV.ARIES4271@GMAIL.COM.