NTPC Whole-Testpaper |   6404

NTPC Whole-Testpaper

it consists of 2 sections (50 techincal + 35 aptitude ,reasoning and general awarness) ............2hrs durationcorrect ....1M and wrong..........-1/4M
first section is on techincal(50 bits)
1.differential relay is used for which type of protection
a) internal b)
2.Type of CB's used in railway service
a)air blast b)SF6 c)vacuum d)oil
3.L[e^-at .sinwt]
4.what are the positional and velocity constants of a type 2 system
5.what type of compensation is made if a pole is added to T.F
6.what are universal gates
a)NAND and NOR b)NAND c)NOR d)none of these.
7.which f/f is formed if both the inputs of SR f/f are inverted.
a)JK b)D c)T d)
8. formula for initial value theorem
9.how many circuits are to be solved in a super position theorem
a)equal to no of nodes b)no of sources...
10.KVL is applied to which networks
a)linear b)ac circuits c) dc circuits d )both ac and dc circuits
11.A match the following about CRO's
p.storage cro       
q.sampling cro
r.high fre. cro
s.low fre. cro
12. A match the following about power plants
p.hydal         1.high initial cost
q.thermal       2.high maintainence
r.nuclear        3.high operating cost
sdiesel            4.high life
13.how the turn on time of an SCR can be reduced
14A match the following about different scr's
15.how dv/dt triggering is applied to an scr
a) by using series RC
b)placing RC across scr
16.what are the values of cut in and forward voltage drops of a diode
b)1v ,0.6v

17.alpha value range in a transistor
a)unity b)0.95 to 0.99 c)more than unity
18.relation between alpha and beta in a transistor
19.what is 7423
a) full adder b)TTL adder c) 8 bit adder/subtractor
20.A match the following about dc generators
p. series             1.battery charging
q.shunt                2.booster
r.compound        3.transmission
s.differential         4.arc welding
21. A simple ckt with a dc voltage and a diode is connected to it FB conditon and a MI   meter is connected to it then asked about the amount of rms value of current shown by the multimeter

2nd section (35 bits)consists of general awareness (5 bits),aptitude(10) ,reasoning (10) ,comprehension and grammatical mistakes(3)
general awareness
51.who donated land to golden temple at amritsar
a)akbar b)humayan c)shahjahan d)jahangir
52.what is Fahrenheit 9/11
53.who is christiano Ronaldo
54. what a student should possess to participate in municipal council elections
blood relations -------1
time and work ..........1
about volume of a cone
bar chars and pie charts ..........5

serie completion of numbers ......2
non verbal reasoning ........3
a no preceeding by some no and followed by bit ...1
permutations and combinations .........3