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Technical - Other

I am giving here some que. of  mechanical branch..this year there  was  drastic   change  in  que.paper....and  it  didnt demand fundadamental  was for freshers n dnt demand any specific preprsn.....hope  dis 30 ques  will giv u idea  abt que.papr patrn.........good  luck.....

Technical section-120que.
Non-tech section-50que
1/4  -ve markng  n  sectional  cut-off
1.What is  intensive property?
2.What is engg.stress?
3."ideal"cycle for s.i. engine?
4.Heat transfer mode in radiation?(e m wave)
5.Expnsn of steam in turbine is_________process?
6.Francis turbine is _________type(dirsn) of turbine?
7.Unit of refrigrtsn?
8.Efficiency  of   heat  engine?
9.Unit of  overall heat trnsfr coff.?
10.Von-mises theory is  based on  which  princpl?(
11.Which is used as  refrigerent?(freon)
12.Meaning of  stage in turbine?
13.By increasing  insulation, heat transfr rate will ____??(may incrs or decrs ,it will depnd on thickness)
14.When whirling of  shaft will occur?
15.What will be deflection of  simply supptd beam?
17.Why spiral casing is used in centrifugal pump?
18.What is d use of draft tube?
19.One que. related to press.compounding?
20.One que.related to vel.compounding?
21.Where super-sonic velocity will occr in nozl?
22.One que related to direction in gyroscopy chapter?
23.Which governer is used in gramo-phone?
24.What will be  frequency of cantilvr-beam?
25.When "IMPACT"