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NTPC Whole-Testpaper

NTPC previous years questions with answers,

The paper is for civil stream.The exam was held for 2Hrs and total 120 qns were given.out of which 70 - technical and 50 - aptitude.

The technial questions are mainly from environmental engineering and soil  mechanics.The questions were simple and they are basics.


What does the mix design ratio imply: ans: cement : fineaggregate : coarse aggregate

What type of tendons are used in rail sleepers:

Who is the father of soil mechanics

Name the instrument usedfor the mesurement of velocity

What type of pile is used in the cohesionless soils: anchor piles(ans)

Removal of airvoids from the soil is defined as : compaction(ans)

Is the BOD content at 20degree or 30 degree is less after 5 days: 3odegree

Definition of reynolds num

Difference between indore and bangalore method of lanfill-bangalore is anaerobic and indore method is aerobic

Find the coefficient of active earth pressurewhen angle is 30degree

Definition of void ratio: ratio of volume of voids to volume of solids

What does the radius of the mohrcircle represent

The most healthy practice of disposal of waste: ans: landfill

The water body constructed to store the river water : dam

The structure constructed to allow the overflow in the dam: spillway

Two questions on the effective length of the column

Ratio of polar modulus to sectional modulus

Types of foundation used for various soils like cohesive and cohesion less soils

A qustion on the basic definition of delta and duty

The unit hydrograph is plotted for: discharge vs time

Various atmospheric zones : troposphere stratosphere mesopsphereetcc..arrange in the order

End products after the chlorination

2-3 problems on the noise polution verysimple formula oriented probs


Maths from ratios, percentages, ages, averages and the time work need to be concentrated
Data interpretation-from graphs,various information given
Abigparagraph with 5qns
General knowledge - 7 qns