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NTPC Interview Questions

                                     NTPC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

NTPC interview sample questions are listed below. Interview methodology consists of testing the basics of the candidate. Candidate may be asked about his favorite subjects and major questions will be from those subjects ,but questions from other sections will also be expected.

1.What is the similarity between Induction motor and Transformer?

2.Explain about the B-H curve and its significance?

3.Design Full adder and Half Adder circuit?

4.What is Load torque and its significance in starting of Induction motor?

5.Why efficiency of thermal power plant is low (30-40%) ?

6.Why synchronous motor is not self starting motor ( prime mover is required to start)?

7.Why transformer core is laminated?

8.Why generation voltage is low (11kVto 33kV) why don't we generate power at 220kV?

9.What is Plug setting multiplier and time setting multiplier in relays?

8.What is PI, PD and PID controllers and applications for all?

9.Advantages of DC machines compared to AC machines?

10.In explosive and polluted environments which type of motors do we use?

11.What is snubber circuit?

12.Applications of cyclo-convertors?

13.Why we use low frequency (16 1/2 ) in traction applications?

14.What is Lead - Lag compensation?

15.Why secondary of CT should not be open?

16.What is the effect of harmonics on power system?

17.Advantages and disadvantages of Gauss seidel and Netwon rapson methods in solving load flow studies?

18.Which type of network cant be used for applying super-position theorem?

19. What is direct memory access?

20. What is electrical corona and methods to reduce the corona effect?