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Hai, this is sandhya from the   ELECTRICAL discipline...  I have attended for the test conducted for executive trainee on 12th april 2009. The paper wsas for 170 marks out of which  120 ---- from the electrical discipline  and 50----- from aptitude for a duration of 2 hours with 1 /4 th negative marking

The paper was not tough..and merely needs 3-4 weeks preparation. It mostly consisted of  Basics but from the depth of it..
 The aptitude part can be answered even without any preparation and it consisted of questions from vocabulary and  general aptitude from profit loss , ages etc...  and preparing any competitive exam aptitude book is enough..
Coming to the subject.. most of the questions were covered from electronics.. and that to Basics and related to IGBTS, FETS, BJTS  which none of us expects.. and moreover all the topics from  4 years were covered including Mathematics...
some of the questions which i could remember were
1) Definition of synchronuous speed
2) Steady state error formula
3) Maths: Questions related to laplace, Z- transforms, and Forier series.. were asked
4) What is the transmisssion voltage for the bulk industries..
5) Questions related to power plant applications and construction
6) Electronics: from IGBTS, JFETS, BJT as mentioned above
7) And also questions related to instrumentation were also asked
So totally the paper needs a preparation from all subjects...
All the best to all Future