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NTPC Candidate-Experiences

Hai Friends,
I'm Aditya Sarma from Aditya Engg. College (JNTUK Affiliated college, AP). My stream is C&I (ECE). The paper is an easy one (It varies from person to person) as I had written many PSUs so I feel it as an easier one. The paper consists of 85 questions (technical-50, general ability-35) high score is required as it is having 85% weightage for the final selection.

My perfect advice for the aspirants is to prepare previous IES papers for technical section (I feel most PSUs take IES papers as reference). You can clear the written only If you score good in general ability as it is really deciding (Solving R.S Aggarwal models can do the aptitude, for reasoning apply brain, for vocabulary you should have sufficient time (do it last) paper consists of paragraph questions, Data interpretation etc.

In technical you need to score atleast 40/50, In general ability you should score atleast 28. So you will get the call for G.D and PI easily (even less scorers also be called i.e; 55/85) but chances of getting selected are less.

I completed the technical part in the first 40 minutes. As it is having mostly theory related bits and some problems (can be solved with a single formula! study Electronic measurements and instrumentation also)

I got enough time to solve general ability, I took time to think about the questions in patience they seems tough but if you got the basic well its easy. (men and work problem, proportionality problem, some gk questions (very easy ones no special preparation required)

Data interpretation seems difficult and time taking but you should solve this as every mark counts. I belong to general category I feel I have scored more than 75. The cut-off may be around 65 for general. 55 for obc not sure)

I got call for G.D and PI. My date of interview on June 29th 2010. The G.D is a good one I talked very less(Im neither an initiator nor finisher ) I talked in English (we can talk in either Hindi or English).

They have given two topics
1. Caste based politics good or bad  2. Technology most used or abused.
We chosen first one. I said just 2 to 3 points but I'm very attentive to the G.D. Its not an elimination round(but have 5% weightage as I said earlier)
Interview weightage is 10%. Within less time I got the call for interview. 
I'm the first person to be interviewed. My mind was blank when I entered into interview. They (4 ppl including the head in panel) asked some questions related to favorite subject (I said Signals and systems),and some HR questions. Show patience if you are not able to answer the question no need to know everything. But try to understand what they are saying and respond well. If they ask about any experiences say about it (if you have relevant experience not software experiences) (freshers will get an easy interview.
Prepare your project, prepare for the industrial training if you have. Percentage in B.Tech also plays a prominent role. Learn abt NTPC well, Be prepared to work anywhere in India. I felt I haven't done well (It happens to every one) but
Thank god! At last I got selected For NTPC A Maharatna company as ET-2010, This is the 12th Psu I faced so far, I'm not able to clear many exams earlier (I'm 2009 passout). But I was placed in a great organisation like NTPC. So try and try till you reach your goal. Every thing is possible for every body but you should try hard and believe that it is going to be possible!
All the best!