NASSCOM Whole-Testpaper Contributed by KONGU ENGINEERING COLLEGE updated on Jul 2020
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Nasscom 2014 Nac-Tech 2014sample Question papers for learn and practice. Nasscom Examination 2014 Nac-Tech 2014 Model Questions with answers for refer and practice.Largest collection of new and previous years solved question papers placement papers questions for all streams and aptitude reasoning english questions Here one model and sample placement papers questions with answers of Nasscom NAC-Tech 2014 Examinations all over India

Directions for question: The following capitalized pair of words is followed by four other pairs of words. 

Choose the pair that has a relationships similar to that in the capitalized pair. 


1. Mountain : Snow 

2. Pressure : Atmosphere 

3. Book : Pages 

4. Tension : Breakdown 

Directions : Four sentences are given below which when properly sequenced form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the four given choices to construct the paragraph. 

2. A. Rewards are said to be exceptionally good. 

B. But telemarketing is increasingly gaining popularity as a successful strategy. 

C. The use of telephone as a medium of selling, also called telesales, is a fairly old practice. 

D. Because religious telemarketing efforts have increased the bottom line of many organisations. 

1. BACD 

2. ABCD 

3. CBAD 

4. CABD 

Directions for question 3-4: In each of the following sentences, some part of the sentence or the entire sentence is underlined. Beneath each sentence you will find four ways of phrasing the underlined part. Choose the best choice that follows the requirements of standard written English. 

3. Nowhere in India is the influence of ancient architecture more apparent than their public buildings. 

1. more apparent than their 

2. so apparent as their 

3. more apparent than its 

4. as apparent as it is in its. 

4. Although one link in the chain was demonstrated to be weak, but not sufficiently so to require the recall of the automobile. 

1. demonstrated to be weak, but not sufficiently so to require. 

2. demonstrated as weak, but it was not sufficiently so that it required. 

3. demonstrably weak, but not sufficiently so to require. 

4. demonstrably weak, it was not so weak as to require. 

Directions for questions 5-6 : Find the odd word out. 

5. 1. impenetrable 

2. invincible 

3. indomitable 

4. immaculate 

6. 1. idyllic 

2. riveting 

3. rustic 

4. rural 

Directions for questions 7-8: Read the passage and answer the questions that follow. 

It’s sad, though unfortunately true but our small planet which is located in an insignificant outer spiral of an absolutely average galaxy is, like millions of other heavenly bodies, regularly bombarded by cosmic debris 
involving comets and meteors which have in the past led to wholesale cataclysmic obliteration of life forms.

In the greatest known extinction episode at the end of what is known as the Permian period, an era of severe climate and geologic changes 245 million years ago, 96 per cent of all marine species and more than 50 per cent of all other species disappeared. Another period of rapid extinction, 65 million years ago, is famous for the disappearance of the dinosaurs when, along with them, one third of the rest of the plant and mammalian population became extinct too. 

The chances of another hit are over-ripe right now and feel-good disaster films like Deep Impact or Armageddon notwithstanding, the severity of loss is going to be far more devastating than special effects on computer graphics. Because this time around a casual wandering stone half the size of a Mumbai suburb impacting with our planet will make thousands of years of art, culture, science, society, civilization, governance and religion meaningless. This time species alone are not going to be obliterated, but specimens with brains and consciousness are going to be wiped out in less time than it takes to think of a blink. 

Ironically, if this invader is small enough to wreak devastation on a scale than can still be managed with only the loss of a few hundred millions, we have to then face the daunting task of restructuring everything from almost start. In the process we may also have to face the loss of long cherished icons and artifacts like maybe the Mona Lisa, the ionosphere or the polar ice caps. 

Some futures are devolvable and can be prognosticated with optimistic extras. Other futures involve ninth and tenth generation computation to make our livelihood “smart” to the point of excellent boredom. But what does one do with a future that’s coming on inevitably any millennia now and is about to sub-atomize our short and convoluted existence? 

7. “………..the loss of long cherished icons and artifacts like maybe the Mona Lisa, the ionosphere or the polar ice caps”. The sentence implies that icons and artifacts : 

1. are too precious to be lost. 

2. are invaluable. 

3. are an integral part of “our world”. 

4. will be too hard to lose. 

8. The “destruction” author is referring to is of: 
1. Permian period. 

2. entire civilization. 

3. heavenly bodies. 

4. our small planet. 

9. Five students, Alisha, Binoy, Carey, Dolphy and Elizabeth were comparing the scores each received on a Math and an English test. The following was discovered that Alisha's English score was 80. Alisha's Math score equals Elizabeth's English score. Elizabeth's Math score equals Alisha's English score. Alisha's English score is 15 less than Elizabeth's English score. Dolphy's Math score is 20 more than his English score and is 20 more than Carey's Math score. Dolphy's Math score is 40 more than Binoy's English score. Carey's English score is 10 less than Binoy's English score. If Binoy's English score is 60, what is Dolphy's English score? 

1. 80 

2. 70 

3. 60 

4. 50 

10. When I was married 10 years ago, my wife was the sixth member in the family. Today, my father died, and a baby was born to me. The average age in my family today is what it was when I was married. How old was my father when he died? 

1. 50 years 

2. 60 years 

3. 70 years 

4. Indeterminate 

11. In a class, 30 students pass in English and 20 students in Math, while some students among these pass in both. How many more students do only English as compared to those doing only Maths? 

1. 10 

2. 15 

3. 20 

4. Indeterminate 

12. The cost of hiring a bus is shared equally by all passengers. The bus has seats for 40 passengers and the total bill comes to Rs.70.37. How many seats went unoccupied? 

1. 13 

2. 11 

3. 9 

4. 7 

13. In tennis, service alternates for each game between the two players and the first player to win 6 games wins. A player winning 6-2 indicates that 8 games were played, of which the winning player won 6 and the losing player won 2. Rafa beat Roger in a set of tennis, winning six games to Roger’s three. Five games were won by the player who did not serve. Who served first? 

1. Rafa 

2. Roger 

3. Inconsistent data 

4. Indeterminate 

14. If ‘Test is tuff’ stands for ‘@ # $’, ‘Test was easy’ stands for ‘$ % ^’, ‘easy becomes tuff’ stands for ‘^ @ &’ then what will be the code for ‘is’ and ‘was’? 

1. &, % 

2. ^, $ 

3. #, % 

4. #, ^ 

15. In the island of Hanoi is trapped a princess. To rescue her, the prince has to transfer a set of rings numbered 1 to 7 from tower A to tower C. The rings are stacked one over the other in an order, with 1 at the top and 6 at the bottom, and have to be stacked in the same fashion on tower C. The prince can move only one ring at a time, and can store the rings in a stack, temporarily, in another tower B. Minimum how many moves of rings, between the towers, will it take the prince to arrange the rings in tower C ? 

1. 13 

2. 127 

3. 14 

4. 129